Introducing: The Stories of Yore podcast

So, I’ve been busy. And today, I’m super excited to introduce my little passion project to you: the Stories of Yore podcast!

Fishing in Melbourne

Last week, my company organised an outing to do what my boss loved most – fishing! I had never gone fishing before, and I had never been on a fishing boat before. I didn’t think I would enjoy the fishing part of it much, although I was quite excited about

Life back to work

Hello! Finally I’ve found the time (and opportunity and energy) to write an update. It’s been a most eventful four weeks! First of all, the kids were just taking turns falling sick, and this time, they had high fevers (40 degrees!) throughout the week! Amy started first, with ulcers in

A brand new season

Cherry blossoms are blooming, wildflowers are shooting out, and that means… spring is near! The weather, however, is still erratic. One day it would be warm and lovely, and the next would be freezing like Elsa’s castle. It’s as though Winter and Spring are now engaged in an epic war, both

My first order for custom paintings!

Two months ago, I received my first ever order for custom paintings! I still can’t believe that people actually want to buy my art, what more entrust me with five commissioned paintings!

The day I walked till my foot bled

I strapped Alistair on me, grabbed my bag, did a last check at the mirror, said bye to Amy and the babysitter, and walked out of the door to go catch the train to the city. The moment I stepped out of the house though, I knew I made two

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