Biggest thanks to the best photographer, Mitch Green (https://mitchgreenphotos.com), for capturing this photo.

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

I started my career in the Malaysian media industry, spending close to a decade behind the mic (as a radio presenter/producer) and in front of the camera (as a TV newscaster).

I’ve also been an emcee, a church worker, and a LEGO seller. Life is interesting, as they say.

When I moved to Australia with my husband and two young kids in 2017, I joined the marketing side. And I’m now a senior copywriter with a premium copywriting agency based in Melbourne.

But as anyone who knows me would probably tell you, I tend to find it hard to stick to just one thing.

So besides the day job, I also host and produce a podcast, write fiction, paint, and juggle a million other hobbies.

The thread that keeps everything together? The yearning to create and tell stories. To explore and connect. And to dream.

Always, to dream.

To keep my cup full, I cuddle with my children, enjoy the Aussie outdoors – and savour desserts.

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