Hello and welcome!

When I was little, my brother called me a dreamer, and I couldn’t agree more (even though he probably didn’t exactly mean it as a compliment at that time…).

I was also the girl who drew all the time. I couldn’t stop sketching and doodling, and all my school books (and even telephone directory books) were filled with my drawings! Unfortunately, I somehow stopped drawing when I started college to pursue my degree in journalism.

Upon graduation, I landed a job in a national radio network in Malaysia, and I continued to spend almost 7 years in the radio industry, as a radio newsreader and editor, as well as a producer and presenter. I later went on to be a newscaster for a national TV station.

When my hubby and I decided to move to Melbourne with our kids, I said goodbye to my broadcasting career. It was a bittersweet farewell, but I am also thankful to be able to spend as much as time as I do now with my little kiddos. Also, this new chapter of my life has allowed me to reconnect with my childhood love: drawing and painting!

In this blog, I write about anything and everything that I love. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Do drop a note whenever you can, as I’d love to hear from you!




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