A lookback at 2022

What a year it has been. The last few months, I’ve been feeling extreme burnout. I was tired. Discouraged. Unmotivated. And disappointed that I did not achieve some of the goals I’d set for myself. But I’m trying to be kind to myself. To take a deep breath—and give myself

A quick check-in, with a boggled mind

My husband just showed me some stats. Apparently, my blog received close to 200,000 views in July. You read that right. Not 2. Not even 20. 200,000!!!!!

Maintenance – and childhood cancer awareness

September is the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It also marks one year since Alistair was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Introducing: The Stories of Yore podcast

So, I’ve been busy. And today, I’m super excited to introduce my little passion project to you: the Stories of Yore podcast!

Breathe, and keep moving forward

Well, I’m back. The last few months had been… difficult. Alistair’s Delayed Intensification phase was just like what it sounded like: intense. And at the end of the three-month-ish phase, his blood counts crashed. He needed multiple red blood and platelet transfusions.

All in good time

I had a good chat with a friend recently. Our conversation veered to the topics of motherhood and career and dreams (as it usually does), and I confessed to her that I still harbour dreams to write my own novels and sell my own paintings.

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