My book ‘Alexa’

I was 26, married for four years.
My husband and I decided that it was time to start a family, and we got pregnant with our first child!
Everything in the pregnancy progressed smoothly and normally just like in the textbooks, and we were getting ready to meet our little girl.
Then, when I was 36 weeks pregnant, everything collapsed.

‘Alexa: A Mother’s Journey of Love, Loss and Hope’, is about my story with my firstborn, who was born still when I was 36 weeks pregnant. This book chronicles my journey of coping with the loss, and how I held on to hope even through the darkest days.

You can read the story behind this book here and here.



Natalie’s interview on BFM 89.9’s Bookmark segment


“Stories like this remind me why I love my job. It’s such a privilege to journey with a woman in a season that will change her life forevermore: pregnancy. It’s a journey that transforms a woman to a mother. Thank you Natalie for your courage in sharing such a painful season in your life. You put your thoughts and feelings so beautifully into words.”
– Dr Debbie Teh, OBGYN

“Natalie’s written raw emotions tugged at my heartstrings and I had to fight back tears while reading Alexa. Her story has given a voice for mothers who have gone through the painful journey of losing their little ones.”
– Gillian Chung

“This book will definitely touch, warm and heal your heart. If you know anyone that has gone through loss or probably someone who cannot move on from her past, this book will be a great blessing too.”
– Juli Joe

“Heartwarming! Words elaborated spot on especially on the struggles, the pain, the challenges and the thoughts dealing with loss, the loss of a loved one… of one’s own precious baby.”
– Ng Pui Kar

“It is definitely an easy read. Captivating. Feels like going through an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. Loved that it is soul-baring and heart-warming at the same time. Thumb’s up for this book!”
– Esther Ku

“A rare guide and companion to journey with all who experienced the loss of an infant.”
– Faith Yeoh


Interested in buying a copy? Please email hello [at] Or DM me on Instagram @hercreativeescape.