I’ve been writing all my life.

When I was little, I dabbled in poetry, comics and short stories. (Some of these got featured in newspapers! Go, young Nat!)

My fascination with words and the power they hold soon led me to a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications – Journalism. And upon graduation, I kickstarted my career in media as a radio news writer and editor.

That was a whole new education on identifying crucial information; fact-checking and accurate reporting; writing scripts with clear, concise sentences; and keeping my cool in a fast-paced and stressful environment.

Then I became a producer for a radio lifestyle program. And that gave me the chance to hone my skills in writing creative scripts and radio ads that captivated and engaged listeners.

On top of that, I’ve written my fair share of magazine feature articles. Video scripts. Taglines. Book/music/movie reviews. And Post-It notes.

Now as a senior copywriter at a Melbourne agency, I work closely with clients in bringing their brand story to life – with words that engage and resonate.

Once upon a time, I also updated my personal blog quite faithfully, and some of the brands that had engaged me in partnership through that included Lazada, Sothys, KidZania, F&N, MOF, and Robataya.

In 2016, I published my first – and extremely personal – book, ‘Alexa: A Mother’s Journey of Love, Loss and Hope’.





Radio. My first love.

I started my radio career in the news room, writing and presenting the news first for AMP Radio Network (Lite, Mix and Hitz FM) – then for BFM 89.9, Malaysia’s first independent business station.

At BFM, I also had the opportunity to present and produce other shows, including Careers Unusual and Live and Learn. What were these programs about? Anything from education and business to current affairs and parenting to lifestyle and culture.

Through these roles, I got to interview various personalities, including YouTube sensations, Hollywood stunt performers, celebrity bloggers, and activists.

But one of my most memorable moments?

Having to present a news report on-air that had a description of breasts slotted in between the news stories – with a straight face. And for a good cause.

This was part of McCann Erikson and BFM’s breast cancer awareness ‘interruption ad’ campaign, where I, along with my news colleagues, read an announcement for listeners to do a simple self test for breast cancer in between news items, with the same serious news tone.

This campaign won McCann Erikson two Silver Cannes Lions and the Golden Kancil award in 2011.

I’ve also done voiceover works for BFM’s in-house promos, edumercials and advertisements – and other video and production clips.

I now host and produce my own podcast, Stories of Yore.




I spent a couple of years as a newscaster for Malaysia’s largest integrated media company, Media Prima, presenting for their English news segments, Bizworld and Nightline on TV3.

I was also featured in Crowdo’s ‘Introducing Crowdo Equity Crowdfunding’ video, and appeared regularly on Collective KL’s weekly announcement videos.





I’d emceed events of various sizes in Malaysia, and some of the companies that had engaged me included Xando, NASOM, CityCare, Pitney Bowes, Microsoft, Skinfood, Dell, Bio-Life, and Publika.





One of my (many) passions is acting.

Few things bring as much joy and satisfaction as stepping into a role and bringing someone else’s story to life.

And I was very lucky to be a part of my church drama team for over a decade, acting in more than 10 film and stage drama productions before thousands of people.

I also worked closely with the team in conceptualising story ideas, writing scripts, directing and producing the shows – and training my fellow actors.

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