Alexa: A Mother’s Journey of Love, Loss and Hope

Update (Dec 2016): The first batch is already sold out! Thank you so much for your support. I am humbled and grateful. I am in the midst of planning another batch of printing. This new batch will probably be out in January 2017, but I am still taking in pre-orders 🙂 Thank you once again!


After three years, I have finally done it.

I have finally written a book about my journey with Alexa.

Since three years ago, I knew that I wanted to write this book, but I had always been putting it off. This year, I decided to just sit down and get it done.

Many times while writing, I wondered if it was a good time, because, I was already pregnant with baby number three. Revisiting the memories while expecting another baby might not have been a good idea.

Many times while writing, I broke down and cried. And many times while writing, I was suddenly seized by fear, and I had to take a pause to lay hands on my belly and pray for baby number three.

Yet, I found myself telling myself, that if I do not do it now, then when?

And so, I continued writing.

After finishing it, I took the longest time to re-read, edit and proofread. Because every time I looked through the words, memories would come flooding again. (In fact, my hubby told me he still can’t bear to read the book because of the emotions it stirred up within him. I totally get it.)

Some of the things that I shared in this book were in my previous blog, but that blog has since been taken down (revamped, actually, and the old posts gone…). Some other things, though, were never shared on my blog or anywhere else, and are unique to this book.

I do feel quite vulnerable, revealing my toughest time and baring my feelings in a book to be read by all. But then again, I do hope that this book will be able to help another person who may be going through a similar situation.

Every mother of a lost baby is afraid of forgetting that baby. I guess this book is also one of the ways for me to ensure that the memory of Alexa lives on forever.

The book will be out for sale by mid December in limited copies. So many of you have written to me to pre-order it, and I am overwhelmed and thankful! [Update: This first batch of books have already been sold out. Thank you!]

The next batch of books will most likely be ready in January 2017.

To purchase a copy, please go here.

Thank you so much for your support throughout these years, and for your prayers and love for me and my family. I am very very blessed to have you with me on this journey.

Love you guys!




8 Replies to “Alexa: A Mother’s Journey of Love, Loss and Hope”

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  2. angeline says:

    Do you plan to sell your book via as e-book?

  3. Hidayah says:

    Hi! I am from Singapore and will like to get this book. Shipping to SG pls?

    • Natalie Sia says:

      Hi Hidayah! Shipping to SG is between RM55 and RM75 (depending on the courier company) o.O I’ve been trying to look for other alternatives but so far no luck yet.

    • Natalie Sia says:

      Hi Hidayah! I have found an alternative shipping method to Singapore, and it costs RM25. Do let me know if you are still interested in getting the book. 🙂

  4. Hidayah says:

    Hi Natalie. Sure, I would like to purchase 1 copy of the book. Let me know the payment details and how do I give you my shipping address without leaving a comment here for all to see. hehehe

    • Natalie Sia says:

      Hi Hidayah! I tried emailing you a few days ago, but maybe you didn’t get it (or maybe it landed in the junk folder). Perhaps you could drop me an email at [email protected], and I’ll be able to give you the payment details and get your shipping address there 😀


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