My first order for custom paintings!

Two months ago, I received my first ever order for custom paintings! I still can’t believe that people actually want to buy my art, what more entrust me with five commissioned paintings!

The client, Diyanah,┬áis the sweetest and nicest and most supportive person ever. Can you believe it took me TWO WHOLE MONTHS to get her order done?! I felt so bad, because Amy and Alistair kept falling sick during that time and so I couldn’t really get the time to paint for her. But she was never upset and always understanding! In fact, she gave me so much encouragement and assurance from a mother to mother too. I am so so grateful.

Every piece was a challenge, but I had so much joy painting them. Sending them off was almost like sending my babies away T_T But I know they are in a great home right now!




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