Creating with the soul, for the soul

(I had originally posted this on my Substack. But the hubby convinced me to focus on my blog instead of going on so many branches 😛 I still like Substack though. If you’d like to subscribe to my Substack emails, here’s how you can do it.) It’s that time of

Back to painting, and lookback at 2020

And in a blink of an eye, it’s almost the end of 2020. I haven’t touched this blog for months. In a way, it was intentional. I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching in terms of blogging and social media this year, and have taken a step back from all.

#the100DayProject – COMPLETED!!!!!!!

I am so happy I am almost dancing on my table top – I have finally completed my #the100DayProject!!!

Updates on my #the100DayProject

Hello! I am happy to say that I am still going strong in my #the100DayProject! In fact, the more I paint, the more I am in love with painting. Even when I sleep, I am dreaming about painting #forreal.

What I have learned from #the100DayProject so far

As of today, I am in Day 40 of my #the100DayProject! Woohoo! Initially, the thought of committing myself to painting something every day was quite daunting. But, after more than a month into it, I must say that it feels GREAT!

Here we go again – #the100DayProject

So. Last year when I first heard about #the100DayProject, I was extremely inspired and decided to join in. Unfortunately, I only lasted about 40 days, and soon quietly gave up oops.

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