Back to painting, and lookback at 2020

And in a blink of an eye, it’s almost the end of 2020.

I haven’t touched this blog for months. In a way, it was intentional. I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching in terms of blogging and social media this year, and have taken a step back from all. I’ve still not decided which direction to go, but I will probably look at revamping this blog a little bit next year. But well, I do update my other IG account @hercreativeescape quite regularly, so you can still find me there. 🙂

In other news: after shutting away my painting supplies for more than a year, I have recently picked up the brushes again, and this time I am diving fully into acrylics instead of watercolour. Well, I’m loving it! I might just have found my happy medium.

Some have been asking to purchase my paintings (I am ever so grateful and thank you for your support). Perhaps next year I’ll be able to reactivate my Etsy shop and start selling again.

In the mean time, let’s have a quick look at the year 2020:

  • We went camping for the first time, with a tent! It was so fun, we did it again (before our tent collapsed in the middle of the night due to ferocious winds), and actually placed an order for a camper trailer. Looking forward to more camping trips next year for sure.
  • Alistair had a really scary febrile convulsion episode, aggravated by a fall and a knock on the head, which turned into a long seizure and needed meds to stop. He ended up in the ICU for the night, and for a moment, we thought we were losing him. But thank God for His protection, everything was fine.
  • Lockdowns and restrictions. Like many, our lives went through a huge change, and we had to work from home and take care of the kids and do online school learning at the same time. It was madness. Stress levels were at an all time high. But we survived. And although I’m still feeling exhausted from that, I’m grateful to have had the chance to spend so much time with the kids and the hubby.
  • I got to read the most books I’ve ever done this year – 95 books so far!
  • I also completed two short writing courses, the 100 Day Project, and just signed up for another acrylic painting online membership-based lesson thingy.
  • Oh, I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time this year too. It was tough, and I didn’t complete it, but definitely a great experience.
  • Speaking of writing, I managed to finish 1 first draft of about 50k words (and then promptly shoved away) for the first time ever! Phew! Perhaps one day I will revisit it to edit. Perhaps I will dump it totally. But it’s still an accomplishment that I’m proud of. Definitely learned a lot from going through this entire manuscript, and it’s only made me more determined to keep writing.
  • Oh, I also – surprise surprise – learned to bake a few more recipes, including brownies and cupcakes! Considering that just 3 years ago I didn’t know a single thing about kitchens, I have come a long way! Of course, my kids are the best cheerleaders. They gobble up everything I make so quickly, and constantly beg for me to make more. They really know how to boost up someone’s baking ego.
  • That’s it in a nutshell. There’s been ups and downs, but above all, I’m grateful.

Now I’m looking forward to taking some time off work at the end of the year for some much needed rest and recharge.

Hope you’re well and safe, and have a blessed Christmas and a happy new year. 🙂





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