#the100DayProject – COMPLETED!!!!!!!

I am so happy I am almost dancing on my table top – I have finally completed my #the100DayProject!!!

How do I feel now that I have reached the end? EXHAUSTED! hahaha. Of course I am very satisfied and very fulfilled, but I am also very tired. Going on this project really required lots of focus and dedication. As I could only spare time for art after my full-time work and also mummy duties, it’s always a challenge. Not just for time, but also for energy. By the time I’m done with work and sent the kids to bed every day, my energy level is near zombie level.

But tiredness aside, making time for art every day has helped me learned so much about art and painting, and even myself. When you draw or paint, it’s more than just what is on the paper / canvas. You learn to see the world differently, to observe differently, and even to feel what is unseen differently.

It’s also very interesting where this 100 Day Project journey has led me to. I started with watercolours, and then decided to try acrylics on my own (with lots of encouragement from the hubby). I was initially afraid to try acrylics, because, what if I liked acrylics more than watercolours?? (Weird thinking I know, but that was really what was holding me back)

So I tried it and guess what? I DO enjoy acrylics a lot! I’m trying not to say that I like it more than watercolours, because I may change my mind later, but I am loving it a lot.

And then, after dabbling in acrylics for awhile, I’ve decided (again with lots of encouragement and support from the hubby) to try… oils!!

I had a lot of reservation about painting in oils, firstly about the toxicity issue (mediums and solvents etc). And then there’s the problem of oil paints taking forever to dry. I am an impatient artist – I want to finish my painting HERE and NOW. I can’t imagine having to wait for days for a layer to dry, before being able to continue working on my painting, and then wait for days again… Even with watercolour, I use the hairdryer to speed things up lol.

But, as a viewer, I really like oil paintings, and so I thought, why not just give it a try! If I don’t like it, I don’t have to ever paint oils ever again (that’s a bit dramatic), but first, let’s give it a go!

And so, to end my 100 Day Project, ladies and gentlemen, I have no final masterpiece to show. 😀

Instead, here’s a picture of my first oils lesson, studying colour theory and blending technique:

The 100 Day Project is over (for me) for now, which means no more pressure to keep painting every day phew. But it has definitely started a brand new phase in my art journey, one that I am very excited to keep exploring.

To see my complete collection of my 100 Day Project (the good, the bad and the ugly, literally), please check out my Instagram or the tag #100dayswithnataliesia.

If you’ve been doing the 100 Day Project, do share your progress with me!




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