Amy turns five!

My little darling has turned five! I know I have been saying this a lot, but, I really can’t believe how fast time has shot by!

She had been looking forward to her birthday, and on the day before, she told me “I’m still 4 for a little bit, and tomorrow I’m going to be 5 years old!” Haha!

She also requested for fruit tarts for her birthday, so for the first time ever, I actually got to make my kid’s birthday cake tarts!

Amy is a delightful girl. She’sĀ been making us laugh a lot and also amazed us with what she says. Sometimes because it’s just plain hilarious, but often because of the amazing insight and observation. Like the other day, we were upstairs, and she looked at the floor her feet was on, and said “We are standing on downstairs’ ceiling mama.”

When she was younger, she used to terrorise us with her temper and tantrums. Seriously, we were fearful of angering the great (tiny) Amy Yong and would tiptoe around her. lol.

Yet, despite her ‘anger issues’ (as we like to call it oops), she has always been a cheerful girl as well. Oxymoron much? But that’s what she is. Joyful, innocent, without any pretense. No emo guesswork with her. If she’s happy, you’ll know it. If she’s angry, you bet you’ll know it.

As she turned 5, she has matured in a lot of ways. She is much more considerate (although not so much when it comes to her little brother sometimes), understanding and helpful. I love seeing how she’s making good friends, and how she is always strutting up to strangers and starting a conversation easily.

She still sings all the time (love it), and she is very much into drawing as well now. I smile when I see her draw and narrate the story to herself, because that was just what I used to do when little too!

While she is loud and friendly, she is also somewhat shy when it comes to being the centre of (a lot of) attention. She refused to celebrate her birthday at kinder with her friends, and also refused to participate in her ballet concert. So different from me yea? HAHAHA.

But, I love that she’s direct and cheerful and always ready to laugh. She has also shown amazing resilience and strength, able to overcome difficult situations and transitions with so much grace.

Although she claims that she doesn’t like Alistair and constantly fights with him (and who can blame her when he is 110% committed to being the annoying little brother), she still loves him very much. Whenever I scold Alistair, she would try to jump to his defense or whisper to him “I love you little buddy”. <3

But that would only last 3 seconds and then it’s back to world war.

I love you little Amy. You still drive me up the wall sometimes, but thankfully not as much as before. The volume of your voice still has the ability to make me temporarily deaf.

But you bring me so much joy, and my heart bursts with so much emotions when I think of you. I love your smile, I love the twinkle in your eye when you try to tell me something that doesn’t make sense (“Captain America is booboo baaaa… mama did you hear what I say? Booboo baaaa! Hahahaha!” Me: What just happened??).

I love that you love to read and draw. I love that your imagination is vast and I hope you continue to be limitless in your dreams. I love that you talk and ask questions NONSTOP when watching a movie (ok maybe not so much love for this haha). I love that you are always eager to help out, and that you think of and can be concernedĀ for your loved ones.

I pray that you will continue to grow with joy in your heart, love in your soul, and wisdom in your mind. May God watch over you and bless you all the days of your life, leading your every step and surrounding you with goodness and grace. May you find your purpose in Him, and may you draw your strength from He who is in you.

I love you Amy!!! Happy happy birthday!

(side note: this boy was not in the family picture because he absolutely REFUSED to let go and leave his fruit tart. He practically clawed at the chair and later hugged the chair tightly, so that he would remain there and eat the tart. -.- argh. another post for another time.)




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