Life back to work

Hello! Finally I’ve found the time (and opportunity and energy) to write an update. It’s been a most eventful four weeks!

First of all, the kids were just taking turns falling sick, and this time, they had high fevers (40 degrees!) throughout the week! Amy started first, with ulcers in her mouth and then the crazy high fever for a week. Then as she got well, it was Alistair’s turn.

It started as flu, then he got conjunctivitis, and he had high fever for 8 days. Of those 8 days, he stopped eating for 5 days, and wasn’t drinking much either. He was so weak and lethargic, and sad and miserable… So unlike the normal him! I was so worried – took him to the GP 3 times and went to the emergency 2 times. His breathing was quick and I was afraid he was getting dehydrated.

We did a chest X-ray since the GP said he could hear some noise in his chest that didn’t go away even after a few days, but it wasn’t pneumonia. Finally he was prescribed antibiotics, and since then, he recovered very quickly. In fact, while we were at the emergency department (for the second time), he leaned on the hubby and looked very miserable but still demanded for the McD fries that I was eating! That was when I knew, my boy was on his way to recovery. 🙂

And now he is back to his cheerful, chatty, active and greedy self!

The adults were not spared from this final winter virus. Everyone in the house – my father-in-law, the hubby and me – all fell sick too. Thank God winter is gone and spring is here, and I hope with the warm weather comes better health! *fingers crossed*

And all this drama happened as I started work!

We were already preparing ourselves for a crazy change of routine – after more than a year of me staying home with the kids, suddenly I was going back to the workforce and the kids were going to daycare full time. We knew it was going to be challenging and tiring. Everyone needed time to adapt. But then the sicknesses came and it all became a thousand times more challenging!

That aside, how has life back to work been for me?


As mentioned, there has definitely been challenges in adapting to new routines. I also have a lot to learn about Aussie working cultures. But I really enjoy being productive! I am grateful too that I managed to land a job as a writer for a digital agency, something I’ve never done before so there is definitely a lot to learn. But God is good. He has led me to this company with amazing bosses and nice colleagues. I’ve been working for a month so far and I am feeling thankful every day.

Do I miss my kids though? Sometimes. Hahahaha! OK fine, on a serious note, I do sometimes feel as though I am missing out so much on their growth now, since we spend at least 10 hours apart every day! But I am not depressed about it at all. In fact, I feel happy that they are having a good time at daycare and socialising and learning stuff. And I think the time apart somehow made our time together better.

I know there’s the long standing debate about being a SAHM or a FTWM. Having been both, I believe that it all boils down to your personal choice. Whatever works best for you and your family! I feel there are challenges for both SAHM and FTWM, and there are pros and cons to both too. At the end of the day, it’s not about which is better. It’s all about what the mom and the family needs.

As for me, I still feel that I’m not a SAHM material haha. I made the decision to go back to work because I feel that working makes me feel happier, which in turn helps to make me a better wife to my husband and a better mom to my kids. So it’s a win-win!

I hope my blog post somehow makes sense because I am really typing this after a long day of work and kids, while keeping an ear out to make sure the kids are still sound asleep and trying to remember the chores I have to do and making a list of the books I want to buy.

Yep, I love multitasking.

Have a great weekend!




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