Fishing in Melbourne

Last week, my company organised an outing to do what my boss loved most – fishing! I had never gone fishing before, and I had never been on a fishing boat before. I didn’t think I would enjoy the fishing part of it much, although I was quite excited about going on a boat lol.

So anyway, we all got ourselves ready and went for the trip in the morning without knowing what to expect at all… and it turned out to be AMAZING!

We were at Patterson Lakes in Carrum for snapper fishing.

Before the boat set off, I was still convinced that I wouldn’t be very interested in the actual fishing activity, but I really enjoyed the sea breeze and beautiful view. There’s something about being in the waters – so calming and refreshing. And we had the perfect weather, a top of 19 degrees with sunny skies and just enough wind! Which was amazing because the previous day it was 40 degrees with strong winds #melbourneweather

That’s the Captain, Matt, hard at work, trying to scout the best location that would yield the most fish.

Everyone put to work, getting their baits and lines ready. I’m proud to say that I’ve also learned to put in the bait and work the lines. Never thought I would, but I did hehehe.

See that sign over there? Apparently, there is a superstition that bananas are bad luck for boats, and that boats carrying bananas will not be able to catch any fish. Others also believe that bananas onboard will cause a boat to sink. Now you know.

The men in our team were gracious to allow the ladies to reel in the first few snappers caught lol. So yes, I did get a chance to reel in the fish and it was actually much harder than I thought it would be! These snappers were HUGE and STRONG!

But the captain gave me a very sound tip: every time you feel the fish fight and pull, just let them do it and stop reeling. Once they’ve stopped resisting, reel them in. Repeat this until you get them out of the water. Sort of like a dance – you (and the fish) each take turns to pull 😀

Caught ya!

The ladies and their ‘Catch of the Day’ 😉

It was really a memorable experience, and, although I am still not really into fishing, this is definitely something I’m open to doing again in the future! In fact, I think once Alistair is a little older, I might want to bring both him and Amy for a trip. They would love it!

Some tips before you go on a fishing trip:

1. Remember to apply sunscreen. Even if it feels nice and cool, the UV rays in Australia during spring and summer can be very high and damaging to your skin.

2. Bring your hat and sunglasses. Again, extra protection from the sun glare.

3. Bring your jacket or jumper. Depending on which season you go of course, but it’s always good to have a jacket or jumper handy just in case it gets cold. It’s also useful to protect your arms from the sun.

4. Apply for recreational fishing license. In Victoria, you need to have a recreational fishing license before you go fishing. It’s affordable and easy to apply, plus if you apply online you’ll receive the license in your email immediately.

5. Pack some food, snacks and drinks. Most fishing charters will be out in the water for hours – ours took a total of 5 hours. So, don’t go hungry!

6. Take travel sickness pills if needed. The last thing you’d want is to be sick throughout the trip. If you need travel sickness pills, get them from the pharmacy and remember to take them before you start your trip!

7. Check the weather and other safety tips. If you’re going out on a fishing charter with a good reputable company, they should be able to advice you on the weather and wind, as well as provide proper advice, safety gear and first-aid kit.

These tips are of course assuming that you are going on a fishing trip with a fishing charter company. If you’re going fishing on your own, please refer to the Victorian Fisheries Authority website for more information (or contact other people with better experience than me!).

Have you been on a fishing charter before? Or, do you enjoy fishing?





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