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Open for business!

First of all, happy Chinese New Year!! It’s our very first CNY in Melbourne, and honestly, there is no feel at all… Well, there are several reasons. First, it is because I, being the terrible Chinese mother I am, forgot to buy new (red) clothes for my kids and myself.

Still obsessed with watercolours

It’s February! 2018 is moving really quickly, gee, slow down! Remember how I challenged myself to paint daily last December? I am so glad I did! Since that month, I have been continuing to sketch and paint every day, and it gives me so much joy.

Alistair turns 1!

And just like that, Alistair has turned one! I can’t believe it’s been 12 months since we welcomed him into this world. Gosh. They really grow fast don’t they? I’m feeling all sorts of emotions right now T_T

First art to be given away

My obsession with drawing and painting continues. Every morning I look forward to getting out of bed because I can’t wait to paint something. And because my father-in-law is here with us for a few months, I have the luxury of painting for an HOUR every morning!

Ahoy there

I have been extremely preoccupied with a new-found-plus-rekindled hobby lately: painting! Watercolouring, to be exact.

Stories: The Moment

Dear God, what should I do? Sophie stares at her feet and tries to think straight, which is really hard. The dim lights and soft music have already made the night more romantic than it should be, and now, his arms are around her. Everything feels so right.

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