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Still obsessed with watercolours

It’s February! 2018 is moving really quickly, gee, slow down!

Remember how I challenged myself to paint daily last December? I am so glad I did! Since that month, I have been continuing to sketch and paint every day, and it gives me so much joy.

In fact, I am still kinda challenging myself to sketch and paint everyday, to keep the momentum up. Sometimes, we really need to set aside time and make a commitment to keep our hobbies alive.

So, some days I’d be lucky and I would get to paint uninterrupted and go into that zen mode. But other days I’d be painting throughout the day with many interruptions throughout the day – to cook, to do housechores, to play with the kids, to deal with the kids’ fighting / tantrums, other mummy duties, etc. Phew! But most importantly, I still create something with my pencil, pen and brush.

Every day I’m learning new things about watercolour, and every day I get to experiment with something new (and also make mistakes…). My hubby sometimes complains that I am OBSESSED with painting right now, and he is so right! Haha!

I am looking to upgrade my paints from student grade to artist grade next, and I am having so much fun researching about commercial as well as artisinal handmade brands. Are any of you a watercolourist too? If you have any recommendation for paints, I’d love to hear from you!

Have an awesome February!




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