Alistair turns 1!

And just like that, Alistair has turned one! I can’t believe it’s been 12 months since we welcomed him into this world. Gosh. They really grow fast don’t they? I’m feeling all sorts of emotions right now T_T

It’s been a joy watching him grow and seeing his personality emerge. He is definitely a happy baby, smiling all the time and easily amused. He is extremely playful, and is very cheeky. He loves making us laugh too! And he charms strangers all the time (usually the ladies hehe).

He loves imitating his big sis, and he loves watching his big sis. Unfortunately, he also loves annoying his big sis hahaha.

He’s babbling a lot right now, making lots of cute noises. He’s just very cute. He would make really cute movements with his lips, grunts when he bends down to pick stuff up, grunts some more when he tries to push things that are stuck out of the way… He’s so funny!

He’s crawling around at supersonic speed, and is cruising like a pro. He’s also able to stand without support now, so it’s just a matter of time before he starts walking without support.

And he loves to eat. He used to go feral when he sees us eating or even just cutting fruits, because he wants to eat them, like, RIGHT NOW. Haha. Now he’s a little bit more patient, but still impatient for food.

Oh, and he is finally teething too! A few days ago I saw a little small tooth cutting through his gums. He’s not cranky though, so I don’t think it’s giving him much of a problem. But he has been waking up extra at night T_T

He is still very much a mummy’s boy. He sticks to me like a koala bear, and would give such a pitiful face when he wants me to carry him. And I find it hard to resist sigh.

My dear Alistair, you’ve been nothing but a bumbling joy to us since you’ve been born. I pray you’ll continue to be the happy and joyful kid you are, and that you’ll grow to be a God-fearing man who will love your family and friends. May God give you wisdom and favour, and guide your every step as you grow.

I love you little buddy!




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