New Year at Mentone Beach

We have just discovered that our new place is very near to several beaches in Bayside! This is awesome news for us, especially since the kids have been asking to go to the beach since winter time.

So on New Year’s day, we packed everybody into the car and drove to one of the nearest to us: Mentone Beach.

While the weather continues to be erratic in Melbourne, we had the most beautiful morning on New Year’s day – perfect for a day out at the beach really!

And, I guess most people were sleeping in after staying up for countdown the night before, so there were few people on the beach that morning, which I loved because I’m not really a fan of overcrowded beaches.

Our first impression was that Mentone Beach might not be as idyllic as the one we went to in Mornington Peninsula, but it was still beautiful. The sands were soft and the waters were clear (although I did read that the water can get pretty murky sometimes, so please check before you dive in for a swim).

By the way, there were a few of these jelly thingies being washed up the shore while we were there. We thought they were jellyfish of some kind, but, besides reminding us of konyaku jelly, we are not sure what they are. Does anyone have any idea?

Oh, this beach is also apparently one of the dog beaches in Melbourne. At certain times of the day, dogs are allowed to run around the beach off leash. I’m not sure if that applies to the entire stretch or only a certain part of the beach. In any case, if you’re not too fond of dogs, you may want to consider going to other beaches.

But if you love dogs, it’s paradise! As Alistair discovered!

Beach all day, oh yeah.

He had a lot of fun seeing all sorts of dogs running, playing, swimming, and even going out into the waters on surfboards.

I am also very happy to report that none of my kids are fearful of sand now, thanks to the childcare centres who expose and encourage them to play with sand every day!

(Even though that means my house is constantly full of sand… but oh well, it is for the greater good I guess!)

Some quick reminders if you’re planning to hop over to Mentone Beach:

  • It is a dog-friendly beach, so do expect to see the furry ones running around and saying hello to you
  • Slap on the sunscreen and put on your hats
  • Bring a beach mat, and if you have one, a beach tent too (to shield you from the blazing sun)
  • Lots of beach toys for the kids!
  • You can bring snacks I guess, but do be mindful of the hundreds of seagulls just waiting to share some of your food

There is a small ticketed parking place on Beach Road, and the rate starts at $3.60 per hour. Alternatively, I think you can park at some of the residential streets around for free.

Have you been to Mentone Beach? What do you think of it? Do you have any other beaches to recommend?




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