New Year at Mentone Beach

We have just discovered that our new place is very near to several beaches in Bayside! This is awesome news for us, especially since the kids have been asking to go to the beach since winter time.

Safety Beach @ Mornington Peninsula

We finally made a trip to Mornington Peninsula, after talking about it forever. Actually, we almost didn’t make it again, because the hubby and I were not feeling very well, but I’m so glad we did, because it was so so so beautiful!

Beautiful Brighton Beach

We seem to have a knack for going to the beach on the wrong days. Previously we went to St Kilda when it was way too cold. And this time, it was way too hot. 34 degrees hot. Though sometimes we do wonder if we were being typical Asians, because the ang mohs

A day at St Kilda Pier

Well, actually it was less than a day. Just about two hours to be exact. It was my sister-in-law’s last day in Melbourne and we didn’t want to spend the day at home, so we decided to pay St Kilda a visit! Even though it was 13 degrees… brrr. And

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