Safety Beach @ Mornington Peninsula

We finally made a trip to Mornington Peninsula, after talking about it forever. Actually, we almost didn’t make it again, because the hubby and I were not feeling very well, but I’m so glad we did, because it was so so so beautiful!

Finally we chose a good day to go to the beach haha. The weather was perfect – windy but not too cold, sunny but not too hot.

There are several beaches at Mornington, and the one we went to is called Safety Beach. It’s like its name suggests – safe and great for family. Waves are almost non-existent, and the waters are relatively shallow for quite a distance.

There are public toilets around too, though you should probably search them out and park near them. The beach is also quite near a town where we managed to grab some yummy fish and chips for lunch.


There are a lot of seagulls there however, and they all looked extra friendly and hungry. So if you’re thinking of having a picnic there, it’s probably not a good idea, unless you want to share your food with the gulls…

Amy has truly grown to love sand so much. She practically charged onto the sand, planted her bum on it, and played nonstop.

Alistair, on the other hand, is now terrified of sand! Hahaha. His curiosity was getting ahead of him and he tried to play with the sand, but he absolutely refused to step down.

Every time we tried to put him down, he would complain and whine and climb all the way up me. Haha. Well, at least he did not scream and cry like how Amy used to!

And as usual, Amy spotted a playground and spent quite some time there too. 😀

We really loved Safety Beach, and I’m already dreaming of going back there again. Because the waters are so still, it gives such a serene feeling and I can really just sit there and stare out at the sea the whole day.

Have you been to Safety Beach? Or any other beaches at Mornington Peninsula?




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