First art sold on Etsy

This is a momentous moment for me, and so, I’d like to memorialise it by writing it down here on my blog: I have finally sold my first painting on Etsy!

Although this was not the first art I’ve ever sold (I’ve done a few custom paintings from Instagram enquiries), it’s still worth a celebration because I had actually listed my paintings on Etsy like a year ago!

Yes, the first sale after ONE WHOLE YEAR! Now you see why I’m elated??

And just last month, I was actually considering removing my listings and shutting down my Etsy store. To be fair, I have been receiving a couple of enquiries but most are asking for custom paintings and I have had to turn them down. I’m so sorry if you’re one of them!

The reason is because, between my day job and my kids, I really don’t have much time to devote to painting. At the most, I get like 15 minutes here and there for quick sketches. But if I were to work on a commissioned painting, I would prefer to be able to do it at a leisurely pace, free of stress or screaming kids, in a zen mood complete with relaxing music playing in the background. You get what I mean?? 😉

And I haven’t been able to do that yet. But, since this first Etsy sale has left me feeling so ecstatically happy, I may try to at least add a few more paintings to my store (and maybe wait for another year before I get my second sale #dush).

In any case, thank you my dear Etsy buyer for believing in and loving my art! I hope it will bring you and the place where it will be displayed much joy!




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