Alistair turns two!

I know I say this all the time, but truly, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? I can’t believe this little boy is already 2!

He has grown so much over this past year! Where do I even begin??

He still has his baby talk, which I love! He has this way of speaking to you in his gibberish, as though he’s carrying a proper conversation and fully expects you to understand him. It’s really cute! It’s complete with facial expressions and gestures, and he has so much conviction in what he’s saying, but you’d have to really focus to try to decipher and understand him!

At the same time, his (English) vocabulary is growing more and more now, and, although I know I will absolutely miss his baby gibberish, I also love how he says certain words, like ‘watermelon’ (mee-na-mee-na), ‘cracker’ (kwa-ker), and ‘big dino’ (beeg no-no).

He’s never still – from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning, he’s a nonstop moving machine! He climbs up and down, runs around, hops about and squirms all over! He’s a bundle of energy, seriously!

He likes to lay claims on things that he sees these days. For example, when he sees me using a spoon, he promptly says “My spoon!” #sweat Everything is ‘his’… “My chair”, “My shoes”, “My bag”, “My train”, “My hair! (comb)”.

He also likes to push boundaries. He knows he is not allowed to touch the fan, but he would cheekily inch closer to the fan, stealing glances at us at the corner of his eyes. Then he would poke it, and when we predictably scold him, he would beam and saunter off. Hmmph! He does this all the time, and all our scoldings would be met by a big laugh or a cheeky grin, usually followed by some funny dance.

But he’s such a happy baby, it’s really hard to stay upset at him. He’s always smiling. It’s as though he can’t keep his smile in! He keeps melting our hearts, and even if we are angry at him, the anger quickly dissipates as he charms his way through with super adorable expressions and gestures. We have also caught him melting strangers’ hearts more than once! He’s a little charmer this one.

At two, his favourite pastime is to eat. Haha! He lovesssss food, and we are thankful that he isn’t as picky as Amy. He seems to know whenever someone is in the kitchen getting food, and out of nowhere, he would suddenly appear, asking for “um um”. There was once, I sneaked a chocolate into my mouth and clamped it shut when he came to me. But he noticed that, and demanded that I opened my mouth for him to see what I was eating. I shook my head, but he put his hands on both my cheeks and repeated “ahhhhh”.

Whatever we eat, he wants to eat, with one exception: ice cream.

I KNOW! How can he not like ice cream?!

Brooms, vacuum cleaners and brushes are his best friends. He can’t resist them and must have a go at cleaning the floor (please continue this when you’re older Alistair). Whenever we remove them from him, he cries as though we took away the love of his life.

He loves dinos and trucks and trains, and he also spends a lot of time drawing! He kinda enjoys reading too, but unlike Amy, he just won’t be able to stay interested for long. Same goes for TV. He’s truly a hands-on boy.

Compared to Amy, he’s not as quick in developing language and he doesn’t have as much interest in language and books. However, he is extremely good in his physical skills as well as fine and gross motor skills. A lot of actions which Amy took years to master, he picked up in just weeks or months. For example, riding the scooter, using a pair of scissors, building LEGO blocks and joining up train tracks.

He’s a really adventurous boy, always ready to explore and try new things. Yet at the same time, he’s also cautious and careful.

Oh, and also, I have successfully weaned him off completely since last month! Woohoo! So true to my goal, we’ve managed to go boob-free before he turned two hehehe. The process to wean him off was really smooth and easy after we did the night weaning. And now, he sleeps so much better – both for his naps and through the night!

I’m not sure if I like the speed of his growth – it all seems to be going too fast. Geez, time, SLOW DOWN. Note to self: take more pictures and videos of Alistair.

Happy birthday my little buddy! You have brought mama, papa and che che so much joy, and you never cease to delight us. I pray that God will continue to watch over you as you grow, blessing you with good health, strong body, sharp mind and a steady spirit.

May you discover and build a strong relationship with Jesus as young as you are, and live a life pleasing to God.

I love you son son!





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