Fun things to do for Christmas

I know it sounds like I’m doing a countdown here, but hey, Christmas is just about two weeks away! We are already feeling the festive cheer in my house as Amy sings ‘Jingle Bells’ and “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ all day every day!

Some of our neighbours have also put up some Christmas decor outside their houses, and both kids love spotting Santa around. Yesterday during our evening walk, we saw a moving Christmas tree on a balcony. Santa was hiding within, and he would pop up and down slowly. Alistair was just transfixed. He stood right outside the house and stared at the big red man, waiting for him to appear and disappear. When we finally could pry him away, he went “Bye Santa! Bye Santa!” for a million times.

Are you and your family in the Christmassy mood already? If not, perhaps you could try some of these things with your little ones to get started!

Bring out the Christmas tree

One sure way to bring the festive feel into your house is by bringing out the Christmas tree! We haven’t had a Christmas tree in our house for, maybe, 5 years? We’re hoping to (finally) get a tree this year. Amy is really looking forward to decorating the tree, complete with a star at the top!

Write a letter to Santa

Did you know that you could write a letter to Santa in Australia?? I think it’s such a fun activity to do with the kids! Get them to write a letter and decorate it, and then post it to Mr Claus at North Pole 9999. I’m serious. More info at AusPost. If you’re doing this, do it quick because the last date to post letters to Santa is December 14th.

Sing, and sing it loud!

Anything from Jingle Bells to Deck the Halls to Angels We Have Heard on High to Feliz Navidad! And don’t worry about being in tune!

Watch cheesy Christmas shows

Lately while browsing through Netflix, I have been drawn to Christmas-themed movies. And honestly, most of them (if not all) are cheesy to the max. But still. It does get you in the holiday mood somehow haha. You can try ‘A Christmas Prince’, ‘The Princess Switch’, ‘The Holiday Calendar’, ‘Love Actually’, and ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ if you’ve got Netflix. Warning though: some of the titles have seriously cringe-worthy script and maximum goosebump-inducing cheesiness.

Read or tell Christmas stories

I’ve been seeing some really cute Christmas books on Book Nerd Mommy’s Instagram, but I haven’t gotten my hands on them. I also tell my kids that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus too, and that is why there is so much emphasis on love, joy and peace during this season.

Prepare your Christmas gifts

Nothing brings out the Christmas feel as much as the frenzy of whipping out festive wrapping papers and getting all the gifts wrapped in time!

Eat Christmas foods

And of course, the food. How can it be Christmas without chocolates, cakes, and hearty meals?? Maybe it’s a Malaysian thing, but FOOD IS EVERYTHING especially during the holidays. (We’ll work on shedding the pounds and balancing the diet again in the New Year ok…)


What do you do during the Christmas season? Oh… Do you have any special family traditions??




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