Beautiful Brighton Beach

We seem to have a knack for going to the beach on the wrong days. Previously we went to St Kilda when it was way too cold. And this time, it was way too hot. 34 degrees hot. Though sometimes we do wonder if we were being typical Asians, because the ang mohs were all enjoying the sun.

There’s a very nice walkway along the beach, great for cyclists and also those who might not want to step into the sand. Unfortunately for us, there were swarms of flies disturbing our experience when we were there. #summerflies

In fact, Amy was so annoyed by the flies kissing her face, she actually closed her eyes while walking. And yes, she fell down.

Such a beautiful view of the Melbourne city.

By the way, in case you were wondering, we did not go to the part where the colourful beach huts were, because we parked at the other far end of the beach! We didn’t realise this until we were walking, and, due to the sun and flies, we gave up trying to walk to the beach huts. If you go back to the first picture and zoom in, you’ll be able to see the line of beach huts.

Her Moana moment. I bet you, she’s singing in her mind: “See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me…”

She used to hate the sand and sea. The last time we took her to the beach, which was last year in Port Dickson, Malaysia, she screamed and cried when my hubby tried to take off her shoes to let her walk on sand. But this time, she didn’t need much prompting! #thanksMoana

Perhaps we will go again another time, if only just to take pictures with the beach huts. Hehe.




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