My last Edge TV

“Hi church! Welcome to HTV!”

That was how it was 11 years ago. Now, it’s known as “Edge TV”. I’ve been hosting and serving in this Edge TV ministry for 11 years. I still remember when my church first started this, it was a ‘according to flow’ thing. It would just be me and the camerawoman, and we would ask the church staff what announcements they wanted to be featured. Then I just had to plan my script as I went along.


A few months later, I started hosting with two guys, Colin and Ibnu, and we were sort of like the “regulars”. Every week we had so much fun shooting for this announcement video. We would brainstorm and try to come out with the funniest and stupidest and sometimes lamest ideas, to make our church members laugh! I even won the Best Host Award in one of my church’s award nights.

Such good memories.

We had indoor shoots, outdoor shoots, sneaking-into-places-we-weren’t-allowed-to-go-to shoots (because those places were too beautiful, i.e. condominiums, hotels, etc.). We were constantly looking for locations to shoot, and would sometimes beg friends to let us use their houses. After a few years, we had our own green screen! And then, our own “studio”.

We also had early morning shoots and late night shoots, quick shoots (that finished within half an hour) and super long shoots (that went on for HOURS). We tried all kinds of themes: news reporting, drama skits, serious, whacky, talk show style, etc. So many funny stories.

Along the way, we became better in what we did. From just a normal screen, we now had a bigger screen to cater to. HD.

The format was more professional. The shoot was more professional. The script was more professional. We had more hosts, and the hosts were better and better.

How it looks like on the big screen in my church auditorium haha.

Last week, I went for my last Edge TV shoot. It was my last time hosting the announcement video that I have kinda helped create. I had such mixed feelings. I know what’s coming ahead will be greater, but I’m also melancholic.

In fact, last week I did a lot of my lasts… Shot my last Edge TV, went for my last drama rehearsal and did my last training with the new cast members, attended my last service at CHCKL…

I will soon update on what’s ahead, but for now, I’m going to miss my church and my ministries and my friends.

Here’s the video of my last Edge TV.




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