Hello from Down Under

Hello from Melbourne!

One of the biggest things that my family and I had been preparing for was this big move to Australia. The hubby came first two months ago, to get settled down in his job and to get a house. And finally, the kids and I are able to join him.

It was quite a tough two months, because 1) I’d never been away from the hubby for so long; 2) after awhile, I felt like a single mom; 3) there were so many things to prep for the move; 4) so many goodbyes to make.

The toughest goodbyes were of course the ones with my family members. I’m going to miss my sisters and brothers so much. We won’t be able to go out for mani pedi or facials or shopping at a whim any more.

My friends too… No more girly hangouts and movie outings for now. I thank God for technology though, because now with Whatsapp and Facebook and Instagram, sometimes it could feel as though we are still nearby. But of course, it would not be the same.

I also had to bid goodbye to my lifestyle as I knew it – my jobs, my ministries, my hobbies… Now in Melbourne, I am going to be a stay home mom at least for a couple of years (I think). Yet at the same time, I have a strong belief in my heart that all is not lost. God will still use me if I avail myself in whatever way I can.

There are also exciting things to look forward to in Melbourne. I am happy about having our own place once again, and to be able to be more involved with my kids (though they also drive me nuts). I am also quite excited about being forced to learn to cook and all… hopefully this new life in Melbourne will help me discover my inner domestic goddess who is buried deep within somewhere haha!

Well, I’m trying not to get ahead of myself. We’ve only been here for less than a week. We’re still unpacking and trying to set up the house. I guess we still feel like we are on a holiday, staying in an AirBnB house hehe. But I can’t wait till we can get our routines and schedules nailed down. Then life will be less hectic than now. Hopefully.

Will be updating more as I settle down and get to know this beautiful city!




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