Fourth Mother’s Day

This year’s my fourth Mother’s Day celebration as a mummy.

The first year was an awkward and sad one, as I had just lost Alexa. I was between wanting to be recognized as a mother and not be recognized as a mother. It was a very confusing and angry moment.

The next year onwards, I had Amy, and this year, I have Alistair too.

I am so grateful. Even though, as my previous post said, I am sometimes driven up the wall and really want to scream in frustration, I am more than thankful to God for giving me these two little ones.

My church, CHCKL, as usual, celebrated moms during the weekend. Every mother was given a gift bag, and also treated to free coffee / tea and a macaroon at GreySkyMorning. We also got to try our hand in floral arrangement. The flower cone above was arranged by yours truly. The first version was really ugly haha. I had to get some guidance before I could make it look nicer.

Mothers were also given the chance to mingle around and get to know other mothers during the short get-together. I didn’t get to stay long though because my kids were at home, and I had to rush home to a hungry baby.

I am blessed because I have a number of very good mummy friends in this church. Mummy friends are key to sanity, I feel. Especially mummy friends who share the same spirit and values as you. Very very important. They keep me grounded and inspired and encouraged. We are also able to share transparently and know that we won’t be judged.

This picture was taken from CHCKL’s Instagram. We were having one of those “fake candid” moments. Looks convincing eh? Haha!

One of the pastors of my church, Pastor Keith. He’s one of those who has really journeyed through life with me and my hubby. We are very grateful for him and his family too.

To all mothers, once again, happy Mother’s Day! I hope you had a great celebration. Remember that you are doing a wonderful job, and you are loved!

To those who have lost little ones, you are not forgotten. Your little ones are gone too soon, but you are and always will be a mummy.

Sending you my love and hugs on this special day.




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