Glow with Sothys Essential Ampoules

UPDATE: The contest has closed. Winners have been announced on my Instagram and Facebook page. Thank you for joining! 

I am giving away Sothys goodie bags worth RM388 each to FIVE lucky readers! Read till the end to find out how you can get one!

I’ve been hearing so much about Sothys and have been wanting to try their products, so imagine my excitement when they asked me if I would like to give their latest essential ampoules a try!

Beauty ampoules have been all the rage in skincare lately, but did you know that Sothys was actually the creator of beauty ampoules?

OK. But what are ampoules?

Beauty ampoules are basically concentrated serums sealed in a vacuum sterile vial. They are enriched products that work intensively on your skin, helping you with your specific concerns.

There are basically four variants of Sothys essential ampoules.

The Oxygenating Essential Ampoules. 

This is targeted to boost skin metabolism and energize dull, stressed skin. It’s also quite good for those who are going through post-acne phase as it helps your skin recover faster.

The Hydrating Essential Ampoules. 

If, like me, you admire the Korean actresses’ flawless, bouncy, glowy skin, the secret is actually: hydration. When your skin is hydrated enough, it will be supple and smooth. This variant of ampoules is the perfect treat for thirsty skin.

The Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoules.

I used to turn away from anti-ageing products because I was young and didn’t need them. At least, that was what I kept telling myself. But now, I have accepted reality.

It’s not that I refuse to grow old, but if I can grow old gracefully and beautifully, why not? And if just by dabbing these ampoules on my face, I can protect my skin from the free-radicals that cause wrinkles and sagginess, I’ll do it!

The Brightening Essential Ampoules.

This helps to give you that sought-after glow and prevents dark spots on your face. It also provides a natural exfoliation to help your skin maintain an even complexion.

What I think

I’ve been trying them out for the past two months. What I did was I used one box of ampoules (7 pieces) consecutively for a week, and then rested for a week, before continuing with another box (and the cycle continues).

I started with Oxygenating, followed by Hydrating, Anti-Ageing and then Brightening.

What’s the verdict?

My skin is visibly smoother and softer, and overall it is less oily! I find that my skin is also more hydrated now, which leaves it looking more supple and plump.

My dear husband actually stared at my without-make-up face the other night and said that my skin is so smooth. It was the most romantic statement he has ever said since we had Amy. Hahaha.

It’s really easy to use too. All you have to do is pick up the small vial, break it, pour half of the content onto your hands, and dab it all over your face (after toner, before moisturiser). You can save the other half for your night routine.

Now is the perfect time for you to try out the Essential Ampoules for yourself because Sothys is having the Ampoule Mania promotion! For just RM169, you can get a set of products that includes:

1 box of Essential Ampoule (1.5ml x 7)
1 Morning Cleanser 15ml
1 Vitality Lotion 40ml
1 Hydra3Ha Gel-Cream 15ml

These products are worth RM420 in total, so this is definitely an offer you can’t miss. For more information on this, go check out Sothys Malaysia’s Facebook page!

Also, thanks to Sothys, I am doing a GIVEAWAY!

This bag of goodies include:

1 RM100 Treatment Voucher
1 Complimentary SkinScope (worth RM80)
1 RM50 Product Voucher
1 Travel Size Anti-Ageing Cream Grade 2 10ml (worth RM158)
1 Product Sample

The total worth of the goodies is RM388, and FIVE lucky readers will get a bag each!

All you need to do is: leave a comment below to tell me why you want to win!

Don’t forget to leave your email address too. This contest ends on 11th November 2016. Winners will then be announced on my Instagram (@natalie_sia) and Facebook (natthenatfactor) pages, so make sure you are following me there OK?

*This contest is only open to Malaysian residents

Good luck!




26 Replies to “Glow with Sothys Essential Ampoules”

  1. kahwei_H says:

    Hi Natalie!
    Had been eyeing on this Sothys Ampoule for sometime as Im going for my pre wed photoshoot in December! Would definitely strive to have the glowy-bride complexion with products from Sothys (had not tried their products yet and would be great to try them before getting my hands on the ampoules)!

    ps: Im following your IG btw 🙂

  2. LIM ZROU SHIEN says:

    Hi pretty… I’m sothys fans too! Im totally using their products after I try their facial treatment… It works on me n make my skin calm and hydrate as I had a sensitive skin.. I hope I could win this so that I get the chance to try out more on sothys… Who want to had a radiance and younger look? (Raise up my hand) me me me!!!

  3. Aemy Wong says:

    Hi Nat,

    Thank you for sharing your reviews on the Sothys Ampoule products. After reading your review, I am so interested to try out too. I wish to win the goodie bag b’cos lately I am going through the following that affected my skin so badly:-

    (1) Having sleepless nights due to my sinus attacked
    (2) Stress at work to meet deadlines
    (3) Having Irregular meals as there was back to back work and family matters
    (4) Skipped many workouts due to work & personal matters
    (5) Dehydrated skin due to running around.
    (6) Taking care of my mom who is hospitalized really could not have much time to take care of my skin.

    My skin now looks very dull looking, dry skin and uneven colour skin tone.

    Hope by getting this Sothys Ampoule goodie bag, it will give me an intensive skincare (S.O.S).

    Please consider me.

    Thanking in advance.

  4. TEE TENG TENG says:

    Hi Natalie, good day. i am hearing this Sothy Ampoules from my friend who is SOTHY fans too. i am going attend my buddy’s wedding next month however some dark spot near corner of my eyes. i hope i am that one of 5 luck winner to have chance try out this product as well. And have a gorgeous look on buddy’s big day.

  5. Belluler says:

    My skin is dull & old. I have try many products no effect ranging from cheap & expensive. Natalie,,, i will really appreciate it. All the way from Borneo

  6. Wennie says:

    I’d like to win this product as I want to have smooth skin as you’ve described and testified, to look best on my wedding day!

    And I’m a big fan of your blog!

  7. Marilyn says:

    Hi Natalie,

    I was just signed up as member and took a facial package in sothys, therefore they have give me a free gift of two boxes ampoules and asking me to use it twice a week, after that and realized that sothys ampoules are very good and suitable to my skin, it’s really brighten up my skin and smoothing especially the oxygenated ampoules. And now I’m continuously using it because it is very effective and helpful to my skin, although it is very expensive and normally I will buy it when having promotion. Hopefully I can get a set of free gift for me to try another type of ampoules. Thank you.

  8. Nancy Ali says:

    Hi Nat,
    I have been having medication prescribed by doctor and feel like my skin is drier than normal. Would like to try something new to make the skin more moist and brighter.


  9. Lim Imun says:

    Hi Nat,

    Being a busy mum with 3 kids and a full time job, miss my monthly facials which was a treat pre-children days. 🙂

    These Sothys Ampoules sounds heavenly. It’s like having a facial everyday, without leaving your home or even the confines of your room. Sounds like it is fast and fuss-free.

    Hope to be able to use them, especially with my sensitive skin (after having kids).

    #Sothys Ampoules-Anytime-Anywhere#

  10. Hung Yin says:

    Hi Nat,
    Thank you for sharing the product. I have been hearing about the product but haven’t try out because I have sensitive skins and dare not simply try new products. However,I have been using some of their products of late and it seems suitable to my skin so would really like to try the ampoules.

  11. Ong says:

    Hi Nat.

    I’d like to win this because i want to bring my mum to Sothys to try out their awesome facial packages! My mum been working very hard to grow us up and I think this is a very great opportunity for me to treat her and pamper her! Btw. She never been to any facial salon before

  12. TAY says:

    Hi, my gf is using sothys products. Her sensitive skin become much more better after few months with sothys products and facial. I wish to try it too, hope that it could cure my acne skin.

  13. Ooi Sing Yi says:

    I like to win this giveaway package because Sothys is really a nice and very good product. And I really want to try out their essential amplouse very much. Thank you dear for giving away such a good product.

  14. Jenny Ong Siew Thoe says:

    Too good n satisfying that cannot be expressed in words.

  15. Tang Eva says:

    When the facial structure is not the outstanding selling point, maybe a beautiful skin on face will do. We always fear to take risk on some new product. The promotion video of 4DJ really attracted me to give a chance of myself to try something, I wish to get this goodie bag.

  16. Joanne Lyn says:

    Good morning… Thanks for such a good and detail review of ampoule… U make me have more desire to try out the products of sothys ! I’m lack of time to Go for facial treatment after I get my baby…. Day after day, I can see my skin look dull and dehydrate… Feel down when I look at the mirror, find out that I’m getting older after get married… I hope to win this goodies bag so that I can pamper myself more… And be a beautiful mom n wife just like u!! I hope I can be the lucky one^^

  17. Chan Huai Nee says:

    Hi! Natalie. I am starting using sothys’s ampoules from last 2 weeks ago. I am using brightening and oxygenating series ampoules. The ampoules is very good and my face looking bright after using the ampoules. I hope to win this goodies, so that i can try the other product.

  18. Lee kin says:

    Women above the age of 50 will have a lot of problems especially the changing of skin texture.. My skin become dehydrate day after day… Yet I have the problem of finding a good product that is suitable for me… Dehydrated make my face look dry n more wrinkle appear…. I saw this contest on your page and hope that I can be the lucky one to win this sothys goodies to rescue my skin!!

  19. Liau Mynn Cheq says:

    Hi Nat, I would really like to try out Sothys’s Ampoule. I’ve always wanted to have a perfect skin and my graduation is coming soon which is a very big day in my life. My skin looks dull, large pore and pigmentation which really upset me, I’ve tried various of product but yet to see any improvement.

  20. Ashley says:

    I willing to try anti-aging because all injection in the world.willing to try if this product fix can fight over surgery market.

  21. Pearlie says:

    Hi Natalie, I am here for a big try in leaving a comment here.. In my life, have never got the chance to win any contests or even a small lucky draw. I wish you could be my first person to break this and hope to hear the good news from you. I have a dull skin tone and lack of hydration on face, I would like to try the effect of Sothy’s good products as mentioned. Thanks Natalie.

  22. Zurina says:

    Hello Natalie! I wish to win the set as someone in the early 30s, my skin starts to show signs of aging. I have yet to find a good anti-aging cream but I hope this Sothys Anti-Aging cream Grade 2 could be that star product. With the additional vouchers for treatment and product, I will make use of it to visit the salon for a comprehensive skin analysis, facial and product consultation. Thank you and have a nice day!

  23. Kelly seow says:

    I did like to win this goodies because after giving birth my skin become dehydrated and sensitive. I wish that I can have the chance to make me skin become better!! As a mum is not easy, I have to save my money for pampers so I wish to win this goodies badly!! Thanks for read my comment 🙂

  24. May says:

    Would be very interested to try out Sothys’s Ampoule. Although I am hesitant to try out new brands, this product sounds unbelievably good not to try

  25. Alice Tang says:

    Good morning,Natalie.Actually I am a single mother and i never have a chance to try Sothy product.Although it is tiring to breastfeed my baby but i never give up to maintain my skin healthiness .I hope that i can have a good luck to try Sothy excellent product.

    “I can’t stop the aging process occur in every woman, but if I can grow old gratefully and beautifully,why not?”

  26. […] I wrote before, Sothys had kindly sponsored me four boxes of their Essential Ampoules, and boy, these little ones seriously do a good job in pampering my […]

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