Inner beauty: Summer & Peach

Fancy some fancy underwear?

Summer & Peach is Malaysia’s first online multi-label lingerie store carrying designer brands from all across the globe.¬†They are currently known for offering beautiful bralettes.

What are bralettes? They are basically fashionable innerwear that can also be worn as outerwear.

It’s a more ‘laid back’ and ‘show off’ kind of lingerie, instead of the conventional ‘hide it’ and ‘tolerate it’ underwear we were used to.

You can pair bralettes with loose tank tops, sheer tops, jackets etc. In fact, just do a search on Pinterest and you can find so much inspiration on pairings!

All my life I’ve only known push-up or heavy-padded bras. It’s hard to find comfortable lingerie that do not look ugly and that uh, complement the girls. So what happens is that most women look forward to taking off their bras at the end of the day to have a little breathing space!

But bralettes are so comfortable, you won’t even remember you are wearing anything. Plus, it’s breathable and suitable for the crazy hot and humid Malaysian weather.

Another issue I had with bras: it’s hard to find the right size!

According to an international survey, about 60-80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Until today, I have no idea if I’m wearing the right size. And even when you think you’ve found your size, it might differ with every brand or design, so it’s a pain!

Bralettes though are elastic, so it hugs our curves well and makes fitting easy because it only comes in S, M, and L sizes. Not complicated at all! Bralettes also provide a reasonable amount of support, and allow our breasts to take on a more natural shape compared to the generic bra.

At Summer & Peach, they actually offer one free exchange and return, so customers can try and exchange if they got the wrong size. So much easier than having to come out from the fitting room and looking at the shop promoter and sheepishly asking them for yet another size to try on… (and feeling like you’re being judged for your size hmmph)

Summer & Peach offers lingerie curated by women, for women, with love. Their mission is to let women discover a whole new world of lingerie, and that there are many ways to wear lingerie and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I love browsing through their website and also their Instagram feed – so classy and elegant, just like how a woman should feel ūüôā

OK if you’re like me, I’m sure you’re asking this question: if bralettes are not padded, won’t the nipples peep through??

Most of the bralettes are Summer & Peach are lined, and you shouldn’t have any problem if you’re not wearing tight tops. Some of their bralettes are cleverly constructed to conceal nipples to some extend, but if you want more security, you can use nipple tape. The good news, however, is Summer & Peach will be bringing in a new collection of padded bralettes soon!

I’ve got the Alana Bralette and just looking at it makes me happy already. Seriously. You might think that underwear is over-rated (see what I did there?), but sometimes it’s the little things that can change how you feel entirely. There really is a big difference between putting on an ugly, uncomfortable bra and a beautiful, comfortable one!

Especially now when my body is still recovering post-partum, and I constantly have spit-ups (and sometimes poop) on me, and my hair is going crazy, and I feel so yucks… Being able to put on beautiful bras make me happy. #easily pleased

So girls, go check out Summer & Peach. They offer free shipping for purchases over RM300, and also free exchange (as I mentioned above).

You can also follow them on their Facebook and Instagram.





My ‘me’ time

UPDATE: The contest has ended. Winners will be announced on my Instagram and Facebook page! 

I’m giving away another Sothys goodie bag worth RM424¬†to FIVE lucky readers! Read till the end to find out what’s in the goodie bag and how you can win one!

I recently read about a scientific study that apparently found that mothers enjoy parenting less than fathers. One of the reasons was because fathers equate parenting with fun and leisure activities (like playing with the kids), while mothers equate parenting with more work: feeding, bathing, teaching, cleaning, etc.

The study also said mothers report more fatigue, especially since even their rest time (day and night) is constantly interrupted by the kids.

I was like, tell me something I don’t already know.

Motherhood has totally changed my life. From being a carefree girl who could do anything I wanted at any time, I now have another little life under my responsibility, and a thousand and one things on my mind.

It is in a mother’s nature to give herself up for her children. Perhaps it is due to the bond that started when the foetus was conceived in her womb. I don’t know. But no matter how tired she is, a mother would never turn away from her child’s needs.

Yet, another article warned that some mothers could become too overwhelmed that they sink into serious depression. There are so many news stories about mothers who hurt their own children, or take their own lives, due to the unchecked emotional stress.

Therefore, I make it a point to have my own ‘me’ time. Sure, the ‘mummy guilt’ may nag at me sometimes, but I need to carve out some time just for myself to make sure that I remain sane.

I do believe that to be able to take good care of my child, I need to first take good care of myself. Happy mummy, happy baby.

(Actually, happy mummy happy family. We hold such powers.)

And the ‘me’ time doesn’t have to be super elaborate.¬†Here are some of the things I do.

#1 Make time for hobbies and interests

Before I sleep at night, I like to wind down by watching some movies or YouTube videos on my phone. One of the series I’m really enjoying right now on Netflix is “Elementary”, which is a modern take on Sherlock Holmes. Love love love it.

I also like to read, although I have not been reading as much as I would love to (blogs and articles are not really counted). Recently I have started on¬†the Harry Potter series! (I know, I’m so slow) I also love Mitch Albom, and am finally reading his famous ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’. Love it. (Yes, to make up for lost time, I’m reading two books at the same time…)

One hobby I have recently picked up is painting! I’ve always wanted to be a painter. But I still don’t know if I am able to be consistent in practising and painting. It is challenging in terms of time and preparation (and skill *coughs*), but, where there is a will, there is a way right?

#2 Hang out with friends

As much as I love listening and speaking to Amy, I still need my adult conversations. It’s especially helpful when I hang out with fellow mummy friends, because we get to share our experiences and gain support, amid all the toddler tantrum madness.

And it really helps to know that you are not the only one going through the craziness. Somehow, knowing that another person has similar experiences, or that they go through similar emotions, boosts my ability to handle whatever challenges that come my way.

There are also some occasions where¬†I just enjoy spending time with people without ever talking about kids or parenting. It’s nice to explore the other aspects of me, instead of just my role as a mom.

#3 Pamper myself

Ooohhh, this is like a world without end. There are so many ways to pamper yourself!

When I need a quick and relatively affordable fix, I go for sweet stuff. Give me cakes and ice creams and desserts, and my mood will be instantly lifted!

I also love spas and massages, but I’m so picky with the type of massages that I get, that I find myself not going for spas as often any more.

Mani/pedi sessions, on the other hand, can work wonders in making me feel that I have loved myself well. Haha! Somehow, there is something about having beautiful, neat nails that makes a girl really really happy.


And of course, facials. I used to struggle a lot with my skin, and at the peak of my bad skin condition, it really affected my confidence and self-esteem. With the right facial treatment and skincare, my skin has improved a lot over the years, and every time I get to go for a facial, I feel so good.

But facials alone can’t guarantee good skin forever. I have to make sure I am diligent with my own skincare routine at home to maintain my skin condition too. So every time I get my hands on a good skincare product, I feel extremely loved (by myself haha).

As I wrote before, Sothys had kindly sponsored me four boxes of their Essential Ampoules, and boy, these little ones seriously do a good job in pampering my skin!

As a mom, I now probably have a maximum of 10 minutes for my skincare routine (actually usually it’s less than that. With a¬†toddler banging on the toilet door demanding for mama to come out). Luckily, these Sothys Essential Ampoules are intensive goodness packed in quick convenience.

All I have to do is make sure my face has been cleansed and toned, before dabbing the essence from the Essential Ampoules all over my skin. Then I just have to finish it off by applying my moisturiser, and I’m done!

And the results speak for themselves. Even without going for facial treatments for the past few months, my skin has shown so much improvement. Plus, being able to end a long, tiring day with a good skincare routine with power-packed products makes me feel very pampered.

Sothys and I want to pamper you too!

We are giving away another goodie bag to FIVE lucky readers. This goodie bag includes:

Sothys Treatment Voucher x 1 (worth RM100)
Complimentary SkinScope x 1 (worth RM80)
Sothys Product Voucher x 1 (worth RM50)
Product Sample x 1
Sothys Cleansing Milk 40ml x 1 (worth RM116)
Sothys Essential Ampoules x 2 pieces (worth RM78)

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me:

How do you spend your ‘me’ time?¬†

Don’t forget to put down your email address too. This contest closes on 16th December 2016, and is open to Malaysian residents only. Winners will be announced on my Instagram and Facebook page, so do follow me there OK?

Good luck!






Logitech: music anytime anywhere

This post is in partnership with Lazada.

I love this Logitech X100 Wireless Speaker.

It was¬†one of the products that came in Lazada’s Box of Joy a few weeks ago, and I have been putting it to good use. In fact, my hubby has been fully utilising it too!

It is compact and lightweight, making it so easy to carry it around. The best part of it is that it’s wireless, so you don’t have to be lugging around cables¬†after cables. And for such a small speaker, the sound quality is really quite good!

Even¬†if you’re not a gadget expert, don’t worry! This speaker is super user-friendly.¬†There were no complicated setup steps to follow. All I had to do was turn it on, pair it with my phone through bluetooth, and that’s it!

As Christmas is around the corner, this could make a great gift (especially for the practical men in your life). You can get this exact same one that I have here, or go for other colours.

Lazada’s Online Revolution is still ongoing, with unbelievable offers/discounts/promotions, so now is the best time for you to do your last minute Christmas shopping with them!

Have fun!




Lazada’s Box of Joy

This post is written in partnership with Lazada.

I have this deep attraction to mystery boxes. I’ve always thought it’s really fun and cool to receive a package for myself without knowing what’s inside. It’s like getting a gift for yourself and being pleasantly surprised by it haha.

Lazada has recently launched their Box of Joy for selected bloggers, and when they sent me one, I was over the moon! Unlike mystery¬†boxes that normally have a theme (for e.g. beauty, baby, pets, food, etc), the Box of Joy is basically theme-less… which means, ANYTHING could be inside!

Let me show you the items inside my box.

Nescafe Rasa Pandan White Coffee

Coffee with pandan flavour! I’m not really a coffee person, but this does sound interesting!

Get it here.

Nestle Just Milk 

200 ml of full cream milk. I really need to get my fair share of calcium.

Get it here.

Nestle Lactokid Pens and Pouch

Small pouches like this are always handy. And, we can never have too many pens (since they somehow seem to disappear all the time).

Nestle Cerelac Nutripuffs 

I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks for Amy (to offset the uh unhealthy snacks I’ve been giving her). Can’t wait to let her try these!

Get it here.

Nestle Milo ‘Ola Bola’ Gym Bag

You can get the gym bag when you get this bundle.

Maggi Royale Thai Seafood Tom Yam

Maggi! I love Maggi! I used to eat Maggi all the time. And during my first trimester with baby number three, I constantly craved for Maggi! So needless to say, I am looking forward to trying this Thai seafood tom yam flavour!

Get it here.

Tefal Manual Chopper

It promises to chop things in 5 seconds! Anything that makes food preparation and cooking easier and faster is good haha.

Check out more of Tefal products here.

L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil¬†

I’ve not been giving my hair enough attention, and now is a good time to start. Gonna try this Mythic Oil and hope to see good results!

Get it here.

MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes 

Once you become a mom, you can never have too many wipes around. The more the merrier.¬†You need them everywhere! In your house (in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, kids room), in the diaper bag, in your own handbag, in the car… EVERYWHERE!

So, I’m more than pleased to have this in my box!

Get it here.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 64GB

This is a flash drive for Android smartphones. Too bad I don’t use an Android phone, but I definitely know friends who do who would love this.

Get it here.

Logitech Wireless Speaker

My hubby actually got his hands on this box before me, and when he opened it, he was the most excited about this wireless speaker. To be honest, me too! Can’t wait to test it out and get music flooding through our house!

Get it here.

All the products are available on Lazada, and now is the best time for you to shop there because the Lazada Online Revolution is currently on! Get crazy promotions and offers and discounts from now till 12th December 2016!

Happy shopping!




Glow with Sothys Essential Ampoules

UPDATE: The contest has closed. Winners have been announced on my Instagram and Facebook page. Thank you for joining! 

I am giving away Sothys goodie bags worth RM388 each to FIVE lucky readers! Read till the end to find out how you can get one!

I’ve been hearing so much about Sothys and have been wanting to try their products, so imagine my excitement¬†when they asked me if I would like to give their latest essential ampoules a try!

Beauty ampoules have been all the rage in skincare lately, but did you know that Sothys was actually the creator of beauty ampoules?

OK. But what are ampoules?

Beauty ampoules are basically concentrated serums sealed in a vacuum sterile vial. They are enriched products that work intensively on your skin, helping you with your specific concerns.

There are basically four variants of Sothys essential ampoules.

The Oxygenating Essential Ampoules. 

This is targeted to boost skin metabolism and energize dull, stressed skin. It’s also quite good for those who are going through post-acne phase as it helps your skin recover faster.

The Hydrating Essential Ampoules. 

If, like me, you admire the Korean actresses’ flawless, bouncy, glowy skin, the secret is actually: hydration. When your skin is hydrated enough, it will be supple and smooth. This variant of ampoules is the perfect treat for thirsty skin.

The Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoules.

I used to turn away from anti-ageing products because I was young and didn’t need them. At least, that was what I kept telling myself. But now, I have accepted reality.

It’s not that I refuse to grow old, but if I can grow old gracefully and beautifully, why not? And if just by dabbing these ampoules on my face, I can protect my skin from the free-radicals that cause wrinkles and sagginess, I’ll do it!

The Brightening Essential Ampoules.

This helps to give you that sought-after glow and prevents dark spots on your face. It also provides a natural exfoliation to help your skin maintain an even complexion.

What I think

I’ve been trying them out for the past two months. What I did was I used one box of ampoules (7 pieces) consecutively for a week, and then rested¬†for a week, before continuing with another box (and the cycle continues).

I started with Oxygenating, followed by Hydrating, Anti-Ageing and then Brightening.

What’s the verdict?

My skin is visibly smoother and softer, and overall it is less oily! I find that my skin is also more hydrated now, which leaves it looking more supple and plump.

My dear husband actually stared at my without-make-up face the other night and said that my skin is so smooth. It was the most romantic statement he has ever said since we had Amy. Hahaha.

It’s really easy to use too. All you have to do is pick up the small vial, break it, pour¬†half of the content onto¬†your hands, and dab it all over your face (after toner, before moisturiser). You can save the other half for your night routine.

Now is the perfect time for you to try out the Essential Ampoules for yourself because Sothys is having the Ampoule Mania promotion! For just RM169, you can get a set of products that includes:

1 box of Essential Ampoule (1.5ml x 7)
1 Morning Cleanser 15ml
1 Vitality Lotion 40ml
1 Hydra3Ha Gel-Cream 15ml

These products are worth RM420 in total, so this is definitely an offer you can’t miss. For more information on this, go check out Sothys Malaysia’s Facebook page!

Also, thanks to Sothys, I am doing a GIVEAWAY!

This bag of goodies include:

1 RM100 Treatment Voucher
1 Complimentary SkinScope (worth RM80)
1 RM50 Product Voucher
1 Travel Size Anti-Ageing Cream Grade 2 10ml (worth RM158)
1 Product Sample

The total worth of the goodies is RM388, and FIVE lucky readers will get a bag each!

All you need to do is: leave a comment below to tell me why you want to win!

Don’t forget to leave your email address too. This contest ends on 11th November 2016.¬†Winners will then be announced on my Instagram (@natalie_sia) and Facebook (natthenatfactor) pages, so make sure you are following me there OK?

*This contest is only open to Malaysian residents

Good luck!




Robataya @ Publika

Because I am pregnant, whenever I am to meet friends for meals, they would ask me:

“Nat, what do you want to eat? You’re the preggers mama. What are you craving for?”

Well. To be honest, I crave for random things at random times. But one thing I always crave for (whether or not I’m pregnant) is Japanese food!

So when Robataya invited the hubby and I for a meal, I jumped at the opportunity!

Robataya is unlike my usual choice of Japanese dining places, because instead of just sushi and sashimi and bento, they are known for robatayaki, which is a Japanese cooking style where food are slow-grilled on smoking charcoal.

The delicious slow-grilled skewers, from left to right, prices per stick: Momo (chicken) at RM4, sausage at RM6.50, tomato bacon at RM6, Buta Bara (pork belly) at RM6, and Gyu Tan (beef tongue) at RM8.

These are sold individually, so you would have to order them separately.

Besides the skewers, they also serve a variety of the usual Japanese dishes.

Kyushu Ramen, RM22

I loved this. I know how some people like their ramen broth to be super thick. But to me, this was light and just nice.

Goya Champuru, RM18

Fans of bittergourd and egg and pork would enjoy this.

Salmon Oyako Sarada, RM26

Salad, topped with salmon and salmon skin. Perfect as an appetizer or even as a side dish.

Buta Mayo Roll, RM20

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but no Japanese meal is complete to me without some sushi rolls.

Okan Sashimi Moriawase, RM70

I started drooling the moment I saw this platter. Unfortunately, because I am pregnant, I cannot take any sashimi. So my hubby had a great time downing them on my behalf.

Look at that salmon sashimi! I will be back you guys. I will be back once baby has been born. I will be back.

They also have a list of Japanese beer and sake available, for those of you who are not pregnant.

Robataya is also an izakaya restaurant. Izakaya is a type of informal Japanese gastropub, and it is known to serve interesting dishes to go with beer or sake. On the particular day we were there, it was pork uterus.

Yea. You read that right.

If you want to try it, all you have to do is¬†ask for the otsusume menu, and the friendly Robataya¬†waiters will let you know what’s being served that day. Just remember to be adventurous!


Overall, I really enjoyed the different dishes they served. They have a lot of other (delicious-looking) stuff on the menu as well as desserts (!) that I didn’t get to try, so I will definitely go back!

A heads-up: Robataya is quite popular and can be packed during lunch and dinner hours. I would suggest that you go a little earlier than the usual crowd, or be prepared to wait a bit.



Robataya is giving a special offer to readers! All you have to do is show the image above when you dine in at Robataya at Publika, and you can get a Banana Bacon skewer and Tomato Bacon skewer free of charge!

This offer expires on 31st October 2016, so do drop by and try them out!

Note: The offer is not available during weekday lunch hours though as the grilling bar is closed during weekday lunch time 


D4-G3-09, Solaris Dutamas Publika
Open Mon-Fri 11am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 11pm, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 11am – 11pm

Tel: 03-62112785