Kindle vs Physical Books

It’s Book Week in Australia! So I guess it is quite timely for me to share a dilemma I’ve been facing for the longest time, and I believe I am not the only one facing it.

For the past few months, I’ve almost never been without a book.¬†My Want-To-Read list is constantly expanding (thank you Goodreads and all the amazing Bookstagrammers) and I sometimes feel like I am in a race to tick off all the titles in the list before it grows longer. Which is kind of an impossible task really because NEW TITLES JUST KEEP APPEARING. #toomanybookstoolittletime

In my pursuit to devour as many good books as I humanly can, I have been trying to read nonstop. Even as I am in the midst of one, I must have at least another new book waiting for me, or I’d feel a little lost (and panicky). And I can never limit myself to buying just one book at one time. Three or four is a good number ūüėÄ

As I gradually increase my reading pace, I also often find myself in a dilemma: should I buy physical books or Kindle books??

This is the argument that goes through my mind.

The pros of Kindle books: 

a) They are easier to get and never out of stock. I can browse and buy any titles I want anytime and get them immediately.

b) The ebooks or Kindle versions are usually cheaper than actual print books.

c) They are convenient to read. With the Kindle app available on phones and computers, I can pick up where I left off with whichever gadget I have with me at the time. I don’t have to sigh with sorrow if I left the book at home.

d) They are easy to store. Marie Kondo would probably be happy because Kindle books don’t take up any space at home!

e) They help conceal what titles you’re reading so that you don’t get book-judged (just because I’m reading a chick lit doesn’t mean I’m an airhead okayyyyy).

The pros of physical books: 

a) The book covers look so pretty. Great for decorating bookshelves and to just make you happy when looking at them.

b) Especially the hardcovers. Oh my heart.

c) The fonts within the pages differ from book to book, making every book a unique experience.

d) Speaking of experience, the entire act of reading from an actual book is a wholesome commitment that engages all your senses – your eyes, your hands, your mind, and even your nose.

e) It is also more relaxing on the eyes to read ink on paper than uh, pixels on screen.

f) Books with lots of images or pictures definitely look better in print.

g) They’re nice to hug.

h) They make good Bookstagram photos.

i) I like it when my kids see me read an actual book instead of being on a gadget all the time.

j) They don’t need to be charged, so you can read them anytime, anywhere.

k) Annnnd, because they are not electronic, you can read them on the plane during take-off and landing!

l) You can write notes down on the pages, highlight them, or dog-ear them (my husband hates me doing this).

m) You can share the book with someone else, or give it as a gift.


Since I have more pros for physical books, does that mean they win?? lol

Interestingly, even in today’s digital age, sales of printed books are on the rise while sales of ebooks are falling by a lot. This means, contrary to popular belief that ebooks would take over the world and run bookstores out of business, people are still generally flocking towards physical books!

Well I’m not trying to say which is better because I understand that it ultimately comes down to preference.

What about you? Do you prefer Kindle / ebooks, or physical books?




3 Replies to “Kindle vs Physical Books”

  1. Chek hui says:

    Physical book! ūüôā

    • Natalie Sia says:

      Yeaahhhhh! But as they accumulate, what do you do with them? Do you give them away, or just keep expanding your bookshelves? lol

      • Chek hui says:

        My bookshelf actually expands at a really slow rate. I borrow most books from the libraries. I only buy books that I can’t find in the libraries. Save money and save space at home. Lol

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