Stories: Isabella and Her Magic Wand

Once upon a time, there was a little fairy princess called Isabella.

Isabella had many favourite things – her unicorn pillow, her pink shoes, her sprinkled cupcakes. But her most favourite thing was her magic wand.

She loved her magic wand. She played with it, she slept with it, and she never went anywhere without it.

Whenever she went to the forest to visit her friends, she would bring her magic wand with her.

She used it to make carrots when she hopped around with Miss Rabbit.

She used it to make music when she sang with Mr and Mrs Bird.

She used it to make a basket when she collected acorns with Mr Squirrel.

She used it to create bubbles in the air as she danced with the Butterflies family.

One morning after waking up from a restful sleep, she began to give her favourite things a cuddle as she always did.

She cuddled her unicorn pillow, her pink shoes, her sprinkled cupcakes, and her –

Oh no! Where was her magic wand?

She looked left, she looked right. She looked up, she looked down. She looked all around.

The magic wand was nowhere!

Isabella hastily flew to the forest, hoping that she had forgetfully left the wand with one of her friends.

“Miss Rabbit! Have you seen my magic wand?”

Miss Rabbit wrinkled her nose and said, “No I haven’t.”

“Mr and Mrs Bird, have you seen my magic wand?”

Mr and Mrs Bird tweeted, “Sorry Isabella, we haven’t seen it.”

“Mr Squirrel, have you seen my magic wand?”

Mr Squirrel blinked and said, “No, I’m afraid not.”

“Beautiful Butterflies, have you seen my magic wand?”

The Butterflies fluttered and said, “Oh no, we haven’t.”

Oh dear.

Isabella’s heart sank, and as she sat down by the lake, big tears fell from her eyes.

What would she do without her most favourite magic wand?

Suddenly, without any warning, a big fish jumped straight out of the lake towards Isabella with its mouth wide open. Isabella shrieked and jumped and ran backwards, moving out of the fish’s mouth just in time.

As she did that, she heard a loud ‘Plonk!’ just before the fish splashed back into the waters. Something shiny on the ground caught her eye. What was that hidden within the long grass?

She went nearer and nearer and… guess what she saw?

Her magic wand!

It had been stuck in her fluffy skirt all this while!

Isabella let out a holler of joy as she grabbed her magic wand and gave it a tight hug, before singing and skipping all the way home.

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