Stories: Something Strange

It is only half past five, but already the lobby feels unusually quiet, with just a handful of people moving about. The lady in suit, jabbing at her mobile phone as she strides towards the exit. The man with his shirt half tucked in and a brown leather bag, looking as though he could

Stories: The Broken Apple

Image from Pixabay I felt like a fraud. But you know what they say – fake it till you make it. If I could trace it all to a beginning, it was probably that morning in spring. I was watering the plants and feeding the chickens as I normally did.

Stories: Up on the mountain

He didn’t ask for this. Why must they be so cruel? The boy looked at the scene before him. The sheep quietly grazing with the gentle breeze as company. Birds singing, leaves rustling. How deceptively peaceful.

Stories: Isabella and Her Magic Wand

Once upon a time, there was a little fairy princess called Isabella. Isabella had many favourite things – her unicorn pillow, her pink shoes, her sprinkled cupcakes. But her most favourite thing was her magic wand.

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