Cherry picking @ CherryHill Orchards

Two weekends ago, we went cherry picking for the first time ever! Everyone was extremely excited, although we really had no idea what to expect. The hubby and I were a little bit nervous because it could potentially turn out to be a complete disaster if the kids didn’t enjoy it / if they weren’t cooperative / if they threw tantrums / if the weather was horrible.

Thankfully though, God was merciful and everything went very well!

On the day we went, the weather was PERFECT – no sun, no rain, just a nice cool breeze. It was about an hour’s drive to CherryHill Orchards in Yarra Valley, so I had prepped Amy and Alistair for the long drive and begged threatened told them to remain calm and happy during that hour (please). Amazingly, they did!

Once we arrived at the orchard, this little girl dived right into business.

This little boy, on the other hand, was a bit lost at the beginning. What was he supposed to do with this dark red thingamabob??

That is, until he saw what his sister did.

She was certainly enjoying herself very much!

And so he took a cautious little nibble…





Happy dance!

Look at my cheeky girl! Not once did she look at the camera with a smile hmmph! Too busy with the fruit of her labour, literally haha.

So basically, you pay for tickets to enter the orchard, and you can eat as much cherries as you want while picking them. Uh huh. You read that right. As much as you want.

If you want to bring the picked cherries home, you can, for just $12 per kg. Really worth it, in my opinion!

Besides the main highlight of cherry picking, there are other things to do at CherryHill Orchards. Firstly, to satisfy your hunger, they do have food trucks and a cafe. There’s also their famous cherry soft-serve ice cream (I loved it), cherry drinks, and a range of other cherry products.

There was also free face painting when we were there! But of course, Amy refused to have her face painted, and only offered her hand…

We were told before by our friends that cherries from CherryHill are the best, and they really are! Red and luscious, fresh and sweet!

If you’re interested to go pick your own cherries in Melbourne, I highly recommend CherryHill Orchards. They’re open every day from now till mid-January, except for Christmas day I think.

They have really friendly and helpful staff stationed all around to help you out, and overall, it was a very pleasant experience for us. I’m thinking of making this our Yong family’s yearly affair!

The loot we brought home. Finished in less than a day. We should have picked more T_T

In case you’re interested, you can get tickets and more information on their website.

Have fun!





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