Creamy and yummy yogurt

I was new in Melbourne, and I wanted to get some yogurt. I went to the supermarket and I was temporarily taken aback. Where were my favourite brands such as Nestle and Dutch Lady?

We made chocolate chip cookies!

Yes guys, I did it. I actually did it. After saying that I will do it since forever, I have finally made it happened. We made chocolate chip cookies!

Cherry picking @ CherryHill Orchards

Two weekends ago, we went cherry picking for the first time ever! Everyone was extremely excited, although we really had no idea what to expect. The hubby and I were a little bit nervous because it could potentially turn out to be a complete disaster if the kids didn’t enjoy

The Modern New Yorker Lunch @ Sofitel

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you’d know that I love New York. I’ve been there twice, and once I even thought of moving there. So when Sofitel Melbourne On Collins invited me to their ‘Modern New Yorker Lunch’, I was like, yesssss I’ll be thereeeeee.

Fruits and Roots

I’ve always wanted to eat healthier, and to have more fruits and vegetables in my diet, but sometimes time does not permit me to chop and eat all the needed fruits and vegetables. Enter Fruits and Roots.

Robataya @ Publika

Because I am pregnant, whenever I am to meet friends for meals, they would ask me: “Nat, what do you want to eat? You’re the preggers mama. What are you craving for?” Well. To be honest, I crave for random things at random times. But one thing I always crave

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