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Reading is such an important part of life, no matter your age, but even more so for young children. I like how J.K. Rowling put it: “I do believe that something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”

Reading does wonders for your child! Not only will it help to expand the child’s vocabulary, but little minds are also encouraged to dream and imagine! And the world of imagination is a powerful world indeed!

Plus, you get to build a beautiful bond with your child every time you read together. ūüôā

Ever since she was a baby, Amy has loved books. She loved looking at them, flipping through them, playing with them, eating them, and throwing them around. Yeah. Haha.

As she grows, she began to love reading more and more. Well technically we adults are the ones reading to her, but you get what I mean! She would constantly ask us to read for her, and every time we get her new books, her eyes would light up. And if she has a current favourite, she would make us read it to her so many times, that she could soon memorise EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE.

I kid you not.

Sometimes she would actually pick up a book and read it word for word, page by page, and I would get a shock! Like, since when did Amy learn to read?? Haha! In actual fact, she was merely ‘reading’ it all from memory!

I get a really warm and fuzzy feeling every time I see her so immersed in books, and I’m totally all for cultivating a good reading habit in a child.

(We tried to read with Alistair but at this moment he’s more interested in snatching the book away and pointing and reading it by himself… Still, as long as he likes books, it’s a good start ya? :P)

To¬†encourage Amy’s reading habit, I’m always on a lookout for good children’s books. I dare say that I enjoy hanging out at the children’s section more than my own section at bookstores now haha! But with such a huge selection of books available, sometimes it’s hard to decide which book to get.

SO! I’ve decided to start a monthly email hangout (or newsletter, but I prefer the word hangout) called¬†Little Book Nook, where I will share, review and talk about a couple of children’s books once every month, to help you decide on¬†titles to get for your child. Think of this as an intimate book club, about kids’ books! If you’d like to join me, all you have to do is subscribe to it here:

If you and/or your child have any favourite books, please share with me!

I think this is going to be fun! If you’ve signed up to¬†Little Book Nook, then we shall begin our hangout in the first newsletter at the end of June!




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