A lookback at 2017

Every December, I have the same feeling: WHERE DID THE YEAR GO?!

Time seems to past by more quickly as I grow older, and sometimes I just want to shout at Time to SLOW DOWN! Don’t you feel the same?

Every December, I like to sit down and have a reflection on the year, just before I make goals for the new year. And, wow, what a year 2017 has been for me.

Firstly, my little boy Alistair was born! 

And he’s been nothing but joy to us since! I can hardly believe that he only came to this world at the beginning of this year, because it feels like he’s been with us forever, and I cannot imagine life without him. He’s got such a different personality from Amy, and is such a charmer. My heart sometimes literally feels like bursting with love when I look at him! I can’t believe he is turning one soon. They grow up way too fast!

Also, we moved to Melbourne!

This is definitely a life-changing highlight for us. It was bittersweet because of the people, church, ministries, career and lifestyle that we had to say goodbye to. Yet, it was (still is) exciting because it’s a brand new chapter. And we have been incredibly blessed because our move has been relatively smooth, with many opened doors.

I’ve been enjoying Melbourne since I arrived, and I still think this is the best place to migrate to. Do I miss Malaysia? Of course I do. I miss the people, the FOOD… but not the weather haha. But at the same time, I’m falling in love with Melbourne, and the kids seem to like it here too! We have sort of settled down, but still not quite completely settled down… you get what I mean? There’s so much more to learn and get used to in this new country we are calling home.

And, I have rediscovered my art side!

Since I am jobless (bye bye TV and radio news presenting) and ministry-less (bye bye acting) and I’m a stay-home mom now (hello kids), I needed to find a new creative outlet. Well I certainly found it, but it is not new! I actually reconnected with my childhood love – drawing and painting! And boy, I am so in love (as I mentioned in the last two posts haha). I can’t believe I had stopped drawing for 15 years. Drawing had given me so much fulfilment when I was a young girl, and it still does. And I am so loving watercolour painting too. I feel so fulfilled and happy every day when I get to paint something. I hope to be able to set aside more time next year to practice and learn more!

So yea, those, in a gist, are the main highlights of my year. A lot of challenges, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of uncertainties, but also a lot of happiness and gratefulness and thankfulness.

I might write about my goals for the next year in the next post. But what about you? How has your year been?

Just two sleeps away from Christmas. May you and your loved ones have a blessed week and a beautiful end to the year!




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