Making friends with the black swan!

Guess what? We went back to the Royal Botanic Gardens last Sunday!

Our friends were away for the weekend and lent us their car, so we thought, why not go to the city again! And the hubby wanted to do a picnic, so we cooked spaghetti bolognese, bundled everything and everyone, and off we went.

I wanted to see the black swans, so once we arrived, we headed straight to the lake.

I know it looks like we are always wearing the same clothes, but it’s because we only have one or two jackets! Well, except for Amy. She’s fast becoming the fashionista in our home, because she has up to 6 jackets!

OK fine. It’s because she got some as birthday gifts, and others were bought at a Cotton On Kids sale. (don’t be jealous, mama)

Some daddy-daughter moments. 🙂

My sister-in-law found it amusing that we’ve been so motivated to go to parks these days. She said when the hubby and I were in the US a few years ago, she had to practically drag us out to the outdoors. Haha!

I guess having kids have changed us. Just look at how happy Amy was when she was running around! That big smile right there is our motivation now to get our butts out there.

What were we pointing at?

The black swan!

Hello! This was the only black swan that we saw that day, and it was really friendly. A bit too friendly, in fact.

Initially we all found it amusing that the swan swam straight to us and even got out of the water. It kept coming close to us and was tailing us all around. After awhile, I didn’t find it funny anymore, and was a little worried that it might peck Amy, as it was following her really closely.

But it was all good. No one was harmed.

I love snapping moments between them. They have so many precious photos now.

Then I’d nag the hubby for not snapping moments between me and the kids. Hmmph.

I read an article recently that said generally, moms appear in pictures a lot less because they are usually the ones busy snapping pictures of their little ones. And so you will see the kids and the dads and everyone else in those beautifully captured moments, except for the moms. These poor moms have to settle for selfies or planned-posed-fake-candid pictures.

Like this.

We were walking along the garden and we saw some boys playing with the leaves on the floor. We took Amy there to let her play with them, but as you can see in her expression, she was very cautious haha. I think she becomes very careful around kids because she doesn’t know how to deal with them? It didn’t help that the few she played with back in Malaysia were quite ganas towards her. One kid bit her finger, another beat her, and another scratched her face. My poor child. I would be scared of kids too.

But well. It only makes me more determined to take her out more and let her be exposed to more children. Every day I pray that God will bring good friends into her life. Friends who will love her and protect her. Friends who will be sincere and genuine. Friends who will encourage her to walk the journey with Christ.

Looking at the world through a child’s eyes is always fulfilling. It makes you appreciate things that you’ve taken for granted. Just look at how happy she was with the golden leaves.

I loved this spot. Don’t you think it looks like a perfect location for a perfect scene for a movie or a story? *dreamy*

That’s about it for today! Have a lovely week all!




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