MOF Japanese Dining @ Sunway Pyramid

Japanese is my favourite cuisine. I just can never get bored of it. If given a choice, I would go for Japanese meals at least once a week. At least.

I have heard of MOF Japanese Dining in Sunway Pyramid, but have never tried it mainly because I seldom go to the mall. Plus, I’ve always thought that MOF is all about desserts only. Well apparently, they were about desserts, but this particular outlet has decided to expand their menu to offer other meal choices. And there is such a wide selection of food – from bento sets to noodles (udon, soba, ramen) to sushi. They’ve also got pasta for those in the mood for Western Asian fusion.

There is also quite a variety of drinks. If you’re a green tea lover, you can go for their macha drinks. Or if you prefer red bean, there are the azuki drinks. For those who need some caffeine, they also have coffee selections. I went for the Cookies and Cream Shake, but there is no decent picture of it here because the hubby and I kinda gobbled it down the moment it arrived. I loved it.

Anyway, these were what we ordered and liked.

Salmon Teriyaki Bento, RM20.90

OK the salmon is in the right compartment and you can’t really see it here, but it was so good. I could finish the entire fish at one go because the teriyaki sauce made it so appetizing.

Salmon Aburi Roll, RM15.90

For me, a Japanese meal is not complete unless you have some sushi, and salmon! This roll combines both, and I highly recommend that you try it.

Tori Kara Age Jyu, RM14.90

This is apparently one of MOF’s signature dishes, and rightly so. If you feel lost flipping through the menu because of the crazy amount of choices, order this.

Chicken Katsu Tomato Pasta, RM16.90

Again, if you are looking for Western Asian fusion, this is a good dish to go for.

California Maki, RM11.90

You can never go wrong with California Maki.

5-Piece Salmon Sashimi, RM12.90

Yes, I know there are only three pieces in the picture. That is because our friends ate it before I snatched it away from them for my camera.

Rice and Noodle Teishoku, RM19.90

This is perfect for me, because I often cannot make up my mind if I should go for noodles or rice. Haha!

Shiratama Kurian, RM13.00

Soft-serve ice cream! I loved the Japanese dumpling and Hokkaido red bean paste that were paired with it. The one that I had didn’t have gyuhi though; it was replaced with marshmallows.

Macha Zen, RM13.90

My friend who ordered this said he had been looking for Hokkaido red bean dessert high and low, so he was very happy to be able to eat this! It’s Japanese green tea gelato with the said red bean and Japanese dumplings.

Overall, satisfying Japanese food and dessert at reasonable prices. Definitely worth a try.

MOF Japanese Dining
F1.67, First Floor, Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya, Selangor
Open 10am – 10pm, every day
Tel: 03-56110949

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