My little hungry caterpillar

Alistair is hungry all the time. And he’s been having lots of cravings.

Almost like a pregnant woman, really.

The oncologist did warn us at the start that the steroids he’d be on (Dexamethasone) would cause him to be ravenous – most likely waking up in the middle of the night demanding for food too.

And yep, he did. So far he’s been craving for ham and cheese toasties, maggi noodles, salted nuts, and fries and nuggets. He says he’s hungry all the time. Even if he’s just eaten.

And then sometimes he eats too much and gets nauseated… and throws up.

So we try to control his eating a bit, or at least try to slow him down. He’s not happy about it.

The steroids also make him turn into the Hulk sometimes. That’s right. The green guy. He has bursts of rage, complete with little fists smashing on the bed.

The first few times that happened, I was completely at lost as to how to deal with it. My sweet Alistair had never had any anger issues! But again, this was an expected side effect.

The good news is that they have stopped his steroids therapy, and he’s gradually becoming his old self again. Happier and more active. He’s even been getting out of bed to play again! I nearly cried tears of joy. That’s so different from him just lying sadly on the bed for the past few weeks, and such a good change to see.

He’s even been laughing and joking and being plain silly. Yesterday, we were painting some Bluey clay dolls, and I casually asked him if he remembered how the theme song goes. I was totally not expecting an answer. Imagine my shock when he suddenly sang (in his endearingly off-tune way) and did a little jiggle. My little boy is back!

A few days ago, the hospital’s play and physio therapists told us to encourage him to get out of the bed more and to walk and move about more. Well, he’s since discovered the vending machine outside the wards. That’s been a really good motivation to get him to walk more.

Although after a while, he’d say to me “I can’t walk anymore mama. I need to rest. My legs have no strength.”

Now, his hair is starting to fall. We tried to get him to shave his head bald (like his papa) a few weeks ago but he had refused. He said “I want my hair to fall out by itself.” He’s so brave. I’m bracing my heart as his hair continues thinning.

To all of you who have been sending gifts, flowers, cards and meals – thank you so so much. We’re so moved by your kindness and generosity. Words are not sufficient for me to express how touched I am by your love and care, and by how our community so quickly rallied around us. Thank you for making this season a little less dark, and for reminding us that we’re not alone.

Whenever you have a moment, please join us in prayer for Alistair. Please pray that God will heal him completely. That Alistair will continue to respond well to treatment and show good progress. Minimal side effects. Astounding recovery. That God will strengthen his little body and restore everything to normalcy and perfect health. May God’s supernatural healing and divine protection come upon him. And may He continue to grant our family strength and grace.


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  1. Juli Joe says:

    Alistair is such a brave boy. ❤️ We are praying for his speedy and full recovery.

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