Zoorassic @ Werribee Open Range Zoo

Wow, what a weekend! I must give ourselves a pat on the back because we accomplished so much last weekend! To give you a bit of a context, we are normally super low-energy when it comes to a weekend. We’d have to gear ourselves up to go for ONE outing, and then we’d be completely wiped out for the entire weekend haha.

But, last weekend, we not only baked chocolate chip cookies and a vanilla cake, but we also visited the zoo AND had a short trip to the beach! Phew, where did all the energy come from??

Today, though, I want to write about our visit to the Werribee Open Range Zoo, because it was amazing! We’ve been there before, but what made us do another trip there this time was: the Zoorassic!!

For a limited time, all three zoos in Victoria are having a dinosaur exhibition. But what attracted me to the one in Werribee first was this blurb on the Zoos Victoria website:

For a limited time only, walk with dinosaurs at Werribee Open Range Zoo. 

Walk with dinosaurs?! I’m in!

So we packed up the kids (and loads of snacks) into the car last Saturday, and drove an hour to Werribee. We had no idea what to expect, but let me tell you: It. Was. Worth. It.

The first dinosaur that greeted us in the trail! All the dinosaurs moved (slightly) and made sounds, thanks to animatronics. They were, to be honest, quite real! For one second there I was wondering if this dino would actually charge at us!

Don’t be deceived by their faces. Although Alistair looked unsure and uncertain, he enjoyed the dinos so much and wanted to get up close and personal. He even touched them, with no fear!

Amy, on the hand, despite her dazzling smile here, was TERRIFIED! haha! Even before we reached the exhibition gate, she was already telling me that she didn’t want to see dinosaurs because “they are going to eat me”. (Yes, because she watched the first original Jurassic Park with me recently…)

As we entered the trail, we could see the first dino in the corner, and the hubby said, “Oh look, there’s the toy dinosaur!” Amy very innocently and excitedly said, “Where where?” before dashing through the corner to catch a glimpse at the ‘toy dinosaur’.

But lo and behold, it was a life-sized one, roaring and moving about. Immediately she came running back to us, wide-eyed. She pulled my hand the other way and demanded to go home!

Sorry to be laughing at her fear, but she was just so funny. Actually, there were lots of funny stories with her during this trip. I’ll share another one later in the post.

Baby dinosaurs in the eggs!

Anyway, yes parents, your kids might be slightly scared of the dinosaurs at first. There was a little girl ahead of us who were wailing too #oops.

Some things you might be able to tell your kids to help calm them down:

a) “These are just giant toys operating on batteries (or power, or whatever).”

b) “When the batteries run out they will stop moving.”

c) “They can’t walk because they are glued to the ground, look!”

d) “Some of these dinosaurs only eat leaves.”

e) “And the others, uh, only eat other dinosaurs.”

The magnificent T-rex!

This Argentinosaurus (I sound like a smart alec don’t I? Actually I was copying the name from the signboard #confession) was nibbling on leaves on the tree!

I don’t know about you, but we were very impressed with the dinosaurs! We couldn’t stop talking about the entire day!

After the very entertaining Zoorassic trail, we continued to explore the rest of the Werribee zoo. Here, catching some dozing koalas.

Besides the Zoorassic trail, the lions were the next memorable viewing for us. I was impressed with how they installed an old truck that seems to be connected to the inside of the lions’ enclosure. The best part is that the lions enjoyed lying on the bonnet of the truck (pictures below), so you can really get up close and personal with the lions if you’re there at the right time!

Here’s the other funny story about Amy and the lion. When we first approached the lions’ enclosure, she went “They’re Simba! Just like Simba! Hello Simba!!”, which made the other parents chuckle because, hey, The Lion King is sooooo our generation.

Then, it was feeding time. The caretakers put ribs all around the enclosure before releasing the lions for their meal, and they were rushing towards their food. As the lions were running around grabbing their ribs, Amy climbed on the truck (as above) and happily shouted “Simbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

As she was shouting that long call, a lion jumped up onto the bonnet right next to her. She was oblivious, still facing us. All the parents around us were gasping in anticipation of her reaction.

Then when she’s finally done with shouting “Simbaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she turned and saw the lion right next to her, and immediately jumped off the truck. It was a really funny moment. I wish I had video-ed it all!

By the way, if I’m not mistaken, you can only view certain animals like the giraffes and zebras at the Werribee by going on the safari ride through the savannah. It was a very good experience, although, my kids were more excited at spotting the other safari trucks ahead of and behind us…

Happy faces at the end of the day!

We had so much fun and we really really really loved the Zoorassic exhibition. We’re hoping to check out the Dino Park at Melbourne Zoo next!

If you’re interested, the dinosaur exhibitions are on from 6th April 2019 to 14th July 2019. You can get more information at Zoos Victoria’s website.

Let me know if you go!




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