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Oh my goodness, Christmas is less than a month away! Is it just me or does time always seem to go by even more quickly at the end of the year??

This year’s Christmas will be special for us, because the hubby’s family will be here! I’m sure our kids will be ecstatic to have them spend the festive season with us. (The fact that they will be receiving more presents is another bonus!)

It is also special because we will be celebrating Christmas in our new house! After talking about it for more a year, we have finally moved! It’s a completely different suburb, so we are getting to know this area. But so far we feel very happy with our new place – it’s bigger, brighter, better, and in a nicer neighbourhood too. In a way, it’s also more convenient for us, and seems to tick all the right boxes! We are extremely grateful and thankful.

Moving house also means I’m constantly ahem researching and looking for ways to furnish and beautify my new home. I’ve also been looking for things to keep my home smelling good, and I came across these scented candles and reed diffusers at Candle Gifts.

(That’s Alistair’s foot over there. The kids were hovering over me as I opened the boxes and they were so excited to see what’s in there. Amy straight out demanded ‘I want the candles!’)

I love love love love love the Napali Beach – Ibiza candle. From the moment I opened the box, I could smell the refreshing scents of watermelon and cucumber. So good! I also like that the fragrance is not overpowering when the candle is lighted – very important because my nose is quite sensitive. The jar and lid look absolutely beautiful too, and I feel happy every time I look at them!

If you want your home to smell like a spa resort, get this Peppermint Grove – Lemongrass and Lime. Such a luxurious and pampering fragrance. The candle jar comes with a polished metal lid, which is not here in the picture because my kids have taken it and declared it their ‘mirror’ toy.

For the bathrooms, I went for reed diffusers because I wanted the fragrance to linger there for a longer time. These Ecoya Reed Diffusers can apparently last up to three months, so, yay to nice smelling bathrooms for three months!

I got the Ecoya Reed Diffuser – Summer Spritz, while the Ecoya Reed Diffuser – Sun-kissed Lime & Sea Salt was given as a complimentary gift.

All these products are hand-made in Australia, and they come in beautiful packaging too – perfect as Christmas gifts!

Now excuse me while I light some candles and relax…

Yea right. I’d probably only be able to relax for 2 seconds before the kids summon me #momslife 😉 But, at least my house is smelling good amidst the chaos!




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