Amy turns four

Sometimes she seems so little. Sometimes she seems so big. How can it be that my dear girl is now four years old??

Since Alistair’s arrival, I felt that my attention for Amy has been reduced by half. In fact, at times I feel that I get a little impatient with her, scolding her even for small mischiefs because I am preoccupied or tired with handling her younger brother.

I’m sorry Amy.

This week, Amy turned four, and we celebrated by going to Philip Island with my sister’s family (more about this trip in another post!). She had a great time! Amazingly, she remembers her cousins, and was super attached to her cousin sister, Jeslyn, all throughout the trip. In fact, she practically disowned me and her papa. -_-

In just one year, I feel that she has grown so much. Not just physically, although she did shoot up so tall since we came to Melbourne. But she’s also able to understand more of what we tell her. When she’s in a good mood, she is my little helper. When she’s not, well, she gives the funniest rebuttals.

I love watching her play by herself, to see her reenact scenes with her toy trains – Emily is still her favourite – and to hear her scold her toys the same way I often scold her, word for word haha.

She has also become really sociable! She has no fear! Whether children or adults, she would eagerly go up to them to talk now, and can actually carry a conversation! Also, she is able to recognise people very well, and is really good with names.

Unfortunately, she still doesn’t quite like her brother, and they fight all the time. But sometimes I can’t fault her either, because Alistair is really being the typical annoying younger brother. 😛

A few days ago, I got to go out with Amy alone, and I really cherished that. With just her, I could enjoy her thoroughly. Every glint in her eye, every mischievous smile, every childish act… It makes me feel a bit sad that she’s growing so quickly. Any other mamas feel the same way??

Sometimes I look at her and I try to memorise how she looks and acts and talks right now. I don’t want to ever forget her every growth stage.

Happy birthday again my little Amy. Mama loves you so so so much (even though you can seriously push my buttons sometimes). Muaks!




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