Autumn leaves @ Mt Macedon

It’s autumn in Australia! This is my first time ever experiencing autumn, and I’d been looking forward to it. I wanted to see the beautiful leaves and feel the cool breeze. I also think I have a special fondness for autumn because my Chinese name has ‘autumn’ in it. Seriously. If I were a character in a Chinese movie, I would be called “Little Wise Autumn”.

I was supposed to blog about this weeks ago, but my kids were taking turns falling sick nonstop for the past two months, it was pretty crazy. The craziest climax was when Alistair got his first febrile convulsions 🙁 But, I will probably write about that in another post. This post is all about Mt Macedon!

In these pictures, the leaves were not totally red / orange yet, because we went to Mt Macedon quite early in the season. We were there in early April, but I’ve been told that the leaves become really beautiful in May. So if you are planning to go to Mt Macedon, now might be a good time!

All the beautiful pictures here were taken by my very talented and amazing friend, Shirley Boon.

The kids were having so much fun playing with the fallen leaves haha! So much laughter and joyful squealing! Who needs toys when you have leaves in various colours?

We only had time (and energy) for two places that day – Honour Avenue, and Memorial Cross.

Tip for parents: just forget about putting in too many items in your itinerary. 😛 As long as you get to see one thing at one place, I think that’s achievement enough haha!

Don’t stress, let your kids have fun, and enjoy yourselves. At the end of the day, you can always come back to see what you missed, but for now, use every present moment to create beautiful memories for your family.


There are a lot of other places to visit at Mt Macedon. If you’re interested, you can check out these websites:

I hope to be able to continue exploring the Macedon ranges again soon, if not this year, then perhaps next year.

Have you visited the Macedon ranges before? Are you planning to? Let me know!




2 Replies to “Autumn leaves @ Mt Macedon”

  1. C says:

    Ooo little wise autumn curious what’s the chinese character for wise here hehe.

    Hope amy and alistair get well soon!

    • Natalie Sia says:

      Or maybe Little Autumn Wisdom. Either way haha. Thanks C, they are well so far! *fingers crossed*

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