Dear blog

Dear blog,

Sorry for my absence. I’ve been pretty preoccupied lately, what with Alistair becoming more mobile and cheeky and bent on disturbing his big sis. My daily task and goal is now to pry Alistair away from stealing / breaking / snatching Amy’s stuff, and also to stop Amy from prematurely scolding Alistair (for his inevitable stealing / breaking / snatching of her stuff).

As Alistair is almost 10kg now, all that pulling and carrying him is more than enough to leave me dead exhausted by the end of the day. While dealing with Amy and her antics is enough to leave me mentally shut down by night.

The rising heat is also a challenge. Besides making us feel like we are being baked within an oven, spring and the onset of summer are making me a bit paranoid about spiders and bugs. My hubby laughs at me all the time for that, but I can’t stop myself. Well, who likes spiders and bugs here? Huh huh huh?

With what little time I have left for myself, I am juggling several things: a) trying to finish a short story for an ongoing competition; b) trying to start reading “The Remains of a Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro; c) still reading and digesting “Story” by Robert McKee; d) researching schools for Amy and Alistair; e) finding new writing courses to enrol in; f) eagerly waiting for the next episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

Starting from next week, we will be having family members taking turns to come visit us, and I can’t wait! I just want to dump the kids to them and go enjoy life It will be so nice to see them again and to spend time together.

So, there you have it, dear blog. A little catch up on my life lately. Hope all is well with you too. Write again soon!




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