7 days without social media

Phew! So, after my soul-searching post, I did actually take seven days off from social media. How was it??

Well, the first thing I noticed was that my finger was always wanting to click on the Facebook and Instagram app icons on my phone. It was with much consciousness and self-control that I managed to stop myself every time!

And then, I realized that when I do not have Facebook or Instagram to check, I have nothing much to do on my phone. Sure, I still have my whatsapp messages and emails and some other random stuff (i.e. IKEA, Etsy, etc), but it goes to show how much time social media took from me. Not to mention the amount of distraction. (With social media, sometimes my brain feels overstimulated and overloaded!)

So with nothing much to keep me occupied, I actually had a lot more time to play with the kids, plan my days and weeks, write blog posts (hehe), read my books, set up my Etsy store, soul-search and set goals.

I felt a lot more free. Sure, I might have missed out on some news from friends, or I might have been “cocooned” in my little world and not be “connected” to the world. But it was quite a nice feeling! Just focusing on those who are physically with me or those who take time to connect with me through personal messages and emails… In a way, more quality relationships rather than just likes and follows.

A friend asked if I would give up social media for good. Well, I do know some people who have NO Facebook and/or Instagram and they are living very happy lives. So yes, I am tempted to follow suit.

However, I do not think i will totally pull the plug as yet. We will see how it goes!

Have you ever tried taking a break from social media?




3 Replies to “7 days without social media”

  1. Chek Hui says:

    I have no social media accounts too. And only had whatsapp from 2014 Sept onwards. Hehe I’m quite a mountain tortoise :p

  2. Alicia says:

    After I read this post of yours, I decided to go FB-free. Seven months already and hopefully for good. Don’t have instagram – only emails, WhatsApp and following a few blogs (including yours, always waiting for your next post).

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