Amy turns three

Even as I am typing this, she is in the midst of annoying me by kicking her toys everywhere. And she is doing it on purpose because she is staring at me with that smug face and announcing to me “Amy is kicking the playground. Amy is kicking the Peppa Pig playground mama.”

And before that, she was giving me a hard time as I was trying to make her nap (and ultimately abandoned the attempt). She was running around the room, trying to somersault around the bed, etc. When I tried to ignore her and pretended to sleep, she slapped my face, pulled my hair and tried kicking me.


I knew about the terrible twos, and was hoping that it would all come to an end soon. But I’ve recently been told about the “terrific threes”?!

Oh my goodness.

BabyCentre said my preschooler is now a lot more fun and I would be able to enjoy her a lot more. But frankly, I find her annoying most of the days, and I’m constantly nagging or scolding her. Even resorting to threats and scare tactics now (they don’t work. obviously).

Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I have Alistair now, and the extra baby in my hands is cutting my patience towards Amy. Or, is it because Alistair is here now that Amy is extra annoying because she wants to gain attention.

Either way, we recently celebrated Amy’s third birthday and were amazed that three years have passed since we had her. Where did the time go?? Facebook memories reminded me of her first birthday, and boy, was she an angel then! Haha!

When she is not being annoying or defiant or naughty, she is really a joy actually. She is smart and funny and cute. (For instance, in the pictures above, I did not realize that she was imitating me by crossing her legs!) She loves to engage us and wants to be near us all the time. She loves cuddles. She is highly observant and aware and will surprise you with the amount of things that she knows and understands at her age.

I just need some tips on how to handle a stubborn, strong-willed and jealous preschooler.

And that cup of coffee.

Happy birthday my girl! Years later you can read mama’s blog and see how exasperated you made me :P.




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