Movie Review: The Walk

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“Then if this is your dream, you must do it.”

The other night, after many nights of exhaustion and brain-deadness and zombiefied-ness, I decided that I should watch a movie on TV to relax after the kids went to bed. While browsing through Netflix, I saw The Walk.

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Autumn leaves @ Mt Macedon

It’s autumn in Australia! This is my first time ever experiencing autumn, and I’d been looking forward to it. I wanted to see the beautiful leaves and feel the cool breeze. I also think I have a special fondness for autumn because my Chinese name has ‘autumn’ in it. Seriously. If I were a character in a Chinese movie, I would be called “Little Wise Autumn”.

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The day I walked till my foot bled

I strapped Alistair on me, grabbed my bag, did a last check at the mirror, said bye to Amy and the babysitter, and walked out of the door to go catch the train to the city. The moment I stepped out of the house though, I knew I made two mistakes: firstly, my jacket was way too warm for the weather. Secondly, I shouldn’t have worn these new shoes.

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The 100 Day Project

Have you heard of #The100DayProject? It’s basically a global art project that encourages you to commit 100 days to do something daily – be it painting or writing or knitting or cooking or learning how to sing a different song, the list goes on. It’s sort of an Instagram thing (hence the hashtag), where anyone anywhere can join in as a community. But then again, I’m sure you can also do it even if you don’t have Instagram.

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