Books I read in July and August

It’s been another two months of bookish delight! Speaking of which, I have finally decided to create another Instagram account for all my reading, writing and painting snapshots. I understand that not everyone who’s following my personal IG is interested in books and art, so I shall not bore them

Kindle vs Physical Books

It’s Book Week in Australia! So I guess it is quite timely for me to share a dilemma I’ve been facing for the longest time, and I believe I am not the only one facing it.

Creamy and yummy yogurt

I was new in Melbourne, and I wanted to get some yogurt. I went to the supermarket and I was temporarily taken aback. Where were my favourite brands such as Nestle and Dutch Lady?

Books I read in May and June

I am back with my crazy pace of reading! Since completing my The 100 Day Project, I have been taking it slowwwwww with my art side. As mentioned, I have started going for an oil painting class, so I basically only paint when I’m at my weekly class now, and

The (incomplete) Sia clan at Bali

Last year, my hubby had a brilliant idea that we should go for a holiday with my family at Bali. And so we did! A few weeks ago we met up with my siblings and their families at Hard Rock Hotel, Bali for a super fun and relaxing vacation. Although, the

Books I read in March and April

I know I started the year with a crazy pace of reading. It’s something that I would love to keep up, although I also have to remind myself to enjoy the books I read instead of just aiming to finish them. Ha!

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