Bike trip to Hatyai

I looked totally like the biker chick, but in actual fact, I was just the pillion rider. #macamyestapibukan

The real macho biker was forced to doubled up as my photographer #instagramhusband

So the hubby and I took a short 2D1N biking getaway trip to Hatyai, Thailand over the Labour Day weekend. It was a ruthless 8-hour ride there and another 8-hour ride back. He told me that big bikes like his could actually take as little as 3 to 4 hours from KL to Hatyai, but we took much longer because of heavy traffic, stops for food and refuelling, as well as the hour-long wait at the immigration.

By the time we got back home, our bodies were aching and we were totally exhausted.


We didn’t do much at Hatyai, only visited a night market and went for a massage. Still, it was a fun trip. It was a great getaway for the hubby and I to spend some time together without Amy.

And, I always feel that biking makes for a great couple activity due to the amount of time together as well as the trust and chemistry needed haha.