Dear blog

Dear blog,

Sorry for my absence. I’ve been pretty preoccupied lately, what with Alistair becoming more mobile and cheeky and bent on disturbing his big sis. My daily task and goal is now to pry Alistair away from stealing / breaking / snatching Amy’s stuff, and also to stop Amy from prematurely scolding Alistair (for his inevitable stealing / breaking / snatching of her stuff).

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Don’t be deterred, be determined!

The hubby and I decided to visit a church that is quite a distance from where we live. We had to take a taxi and spend big bucks for that 30-minute ride (and then the ride back too). The church service was in the middle of Amy’s nap time, so we had to wake her up. And hell has no fury than a child awakened prematurely from her nap. And a hungry one at that.

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