Today I overcame my sleeplessness, bundled the kids, braved the morning cold, and visited a playgroup nearby. I had been wanting to go to a playgroup since we arrived in Melbourne, but I always had an excuse not to – too tired, too busy, too cold, too lazy (oops).

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All about family

This week, I’ve been thinking about my daddy a lot. I just keep having flashbacks of certain moments with him: him walking with the hubby and I to lunch near his office; him coming down the stairs when we visit him at home; him playing games till late at night (and me watching the game right by his side, trying not to scream when the zombies came up);

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Amy turns three

Even as I am typing this, she is in the midst of annoying me by kicking her toys everywhere. And she is doing it on purpose because she is staring at me with that smug face and announcing to me “Amy is kicking the playground. Amy is kicking the Peppa Pig playground mama.”

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